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How To Create a Contact Form in HTML with AidaForm Online Form Builder

There are primarily three ways in which you can create online forms through HTML. Firstly, you can simply copy a contact from someone else’s contact form HTML code. However, this could be a tedious process if you have no prior experience with HTML or CSS. Lack of such coding experience will prevent you from adding new fields or changing the design of your form. Thereafter, you will also need to run a server with a database to send responses to as well as PHP scripts to manage responses to such forms. Secondly, you can use HTML yourself to create these forms. However, you will have to create elaborate visual designs for the same and then configure the form integration with PHP commands on your website. Lastly, you could simply use an online form-building platform to create these forms, thereby making the process less cumbersome and taxing.

This article will tell you how to use AidaForm, a form building platform to create contact forms using HTML effectively. With AidaForm, you can create a form by using a visual editor with plenty of built-in fields and blocks. You can generate a form code automatically through AidaForm and then continue to use it right away. The platform will collect responses on your behalf without any additional scripts or plugins.

Method to create Contact Forms by Using HTML through AidaForm

Firstly, you need to click on the Log in link in the website menu on and then log in to your AidaForm business or personal account. Then you can sign up for free on the site. Then, in your member’s area, click on the ‘Create a Form’ button and then choose if you want to use a blank template or have a standard field selection added automatically to your form. You will be able to move, edit and delete all the blocks in the ‘Form Editor’. After that, you can type in the name of your contact form and hit ‘Create’ to create a form. In the Form Editor Section, you can then open ‘Form Elements’ to add all the fields that you need for your contact form, such as name, email address, phone, text areas, and more. You can also add signature fields, field validation, and CAPTCHA anti-spam protection.

You can include a drop-down list for all the topics that you need to make your business communication more effective. Thus, you can customize accordingly. You can also expand the ‘Form Designer’ to choose either standard themes or you can also go in for a custom theme by changing colors, fonts and other parameters. You can also create a custom message that your visitors can see after submitting their responses. After you have customized your contact HTML form, you can click ‘Publish’ and then either generate a direct link to the form page or export the HTML code to embed the form on your website. Thereafter you can continue to collect responses through AidaForm without having to worry about PHP scripts or databases.