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How to Choose the Best Laptop for Your Magento eCommerce Site

Are you wondering how to choose the best laptop for your Magento eCommerce site? Many would have you believe that all laptops were created equal, but that isn’t always the case. Choose carefully, or you could be left out in the cold, as those with the right tech reap the rewards of professional set-ups and tech support with their eCommerce offerings. This is a guide to choosing the best laptop you can for your site to prosper.

Ecommerce as an Economic Savior Through the Pandemic

Ecommerce is currently the fastest growing sales base for all service and product-focused companies. Based on the uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic, this trend is likely to continue into the foreseeable future.

The Magento framework is a great one to have chosen. You have chosen a site that has excellent 24/7 tech support, can link all your social media in one place, and allow you to sell while you sleep. They have helped set up a myriad of eCommerce sites and allow many businesses to run from their owners’ laptops, wherever you are in the world. However, you must make sure you have the right tech, or you simply will not be able to interact with the right people to keep your eCommerce site up and running. You must be able to manage the shopfront, adding and removing stock, interacting with our support and tech teams, keep track of all your sales and purchases, update your social media, and be able to network widely. Most businesses today use technology to keep up, or if the tech is good, keep ahead of the others in the global e-marketplace.

Hardware is Key

No longer do you need an entire office or desk space to make working from home or remote work cumbersome. In today’s tech aware environment running an e-commerce site can be done with laptops and thus from anywhere. The choice is critical, and the primary advice would be to choose a laptop that you can afford which has longevity and a history of professional performance. But you probably knew that. It’s slightly cliched, and as a businessperson, you need more detail.

Finding the best laptop for your Magento eCommerce site can be time-consuming and require a lot of research. But we hope to offer some detailed guidance and keep you from making decisions you and your business may regret. The aim is to provide a step-by-step guide for the process of making the actual choice.

Your Check List to Make the Right Choice

To avoid decision fatigue, work through the list below and simply answer the questions to guide your final decision:

  • Cost

The laptop you choose must be within a budget that you have set yourself based on available funds. Look for deals, use e-coupons or discounts and get as much advice on the various choices you have within your specific budget.

  • Long-lasting

Does it have the longevity that you need? The laptop must have credibility, which means that you should buy from a known brand. A laptop is an investment, and if you buy the right one, you can view it as a long-term investment.

  • Tech support

If you have issues setting up the machine, once it’s arrived, does the company chosen have reliable tech support? Are they available online 24/7? Can you call them? Make sure they do and that you can.

  • Compatibility

Does it link to all your other devices?  There is no point in having a state-of-the-art laptop that is incompatible with your phone or your printer, or the office and shopfront will be dysfunctional.

  • Travelability

Do you frequently travel for business? If so, you don’t want to be carrying around a clunky piece of tech that will make travel more difficult. So, when looking for a laptop, consider whether you can take it everywhere easily. Is it light enough? Do you have a sturdy outer carry case? If it isn’t suitable, keep looking.

  • Versatility

The primary use for your laptop will be your eCommerce business. However, there is no reason why, if you choose the right laptop, that it can’t be used for work, gaming, and the kids’ homeschooling. Therefore, when looking, see if you can use it for business as well as for your gaming, entertainment, and family connectivity.

  • What’s inside?

Is it cutting edge? Modern and up to date. The internal components will determine how well the laptop works? What Memory and RAM your new laptop has will affect both the working speeds as well as the amount of storage you have. Reliable and sufficient storage will be essential for e-commerce. Although Magento allows you to upload to Amazon S3 servers, make sure that the laptop you choose has sufficient local disk space. Between 4 and 8Gigs of RAM should be sufficient.

  • What’s outside?

The space you have to work in will determine how big your screen and display can be. So, think this through. How heavy is the laptop, and can you easily maneuver it about? Do you need additional ports to connect to external hardware, cameras, storage, and projectors?

  • Accessories

What else is compatible and available for your new laptop? External monitor, mouse, travel case, external storage. You don’t want to find out that your laptop doesn’t have any accessories that can make work easier.


Perhaps use each of the questions above and frame your online search according to your precise need. Filter and compare tech specs using this ‘how to guide for choosing the best laptop for your Magento eCommerce site. The size of your e-commerce site and how big you expect it to get will determine most of your answers. Buy the right tool for the job at hand, and as aforementioned, look for professional service and support, which these days must be online.

If you’ve used the checklist and have a positive answer for each of the questions, then you are through the woods. Now all that is required is to buy your next laptop for your mobile office and keep the eCommerce site growing from strength to strength.