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Great Models – Christmas Prices: Best Low Poly Assets Every Designer Should Have

If you thought that Christmas was only entering the stores of physical objects and something you can give as a gift for your friends and family, you were totally wrong. This year CGTrader is running a holiday sale-off to make all the creatives happy. To give you some idea on what is there to look out for, here’s some of the best low poly 3D models on CGTrader that will be available with discounts of up to 50% till Jan 1.

With over 520,000 3D assets on the platform, substantial portion of which are game-ready models, one can surely find that one missing item or character to complete a game or VR application. And those with ideas still in their heads can quickly kick-off the project by using a ready-made environment…

City KC8 by kasiopy

The city model is so detailed that one could definitely question its suitability for games. In addition to 29 different buildings, this model includes such details like trees, benches, traffic lights and even mailboxes, which can definitely make one feel like in a modern liveable megacity. Aliens trying to conquer our planet, city race with the fancy cars, to simulation of an ordinary life – any scenario is possible in this great environment.

Labrador Dog by cywei1121

Everyone loves animals, and this labrador dog is definitely one to fall in love with. This one is not only lovely, but also rather photorealistic given that the model is polygons-optimized. Though dog 3D models are not the first thing a developer needs when creating a FPS game, but this can be a really valuable asset for those trying to recreate real life in a game or virtual reality. It is proven that animals reduce stress levels in humans, so why not to include this cutie in your next medical virtual reality application?

Scout Spaceship by littlechild

CGTrader trends show that space models – the category including spacecraft – is one of the top3 best-selling low poly categories. On one hand, this indicates the trend and interest coming from game developers to choose outer space as a setting for their games. At the same time – there would be no interest if there are no good quality 3D models available. For example, CG artist littlechild specializes in spacecraft, and all of the models are just amazing. This Scout Spaceship is just one example…

Sci fi girl by alpenwolf

Caught your attention with the scout spaceship? Then you also need a character to pilot it. And what could bring a better surprise effect than a powerful sci-fi girl behind its wheel… The model also has partial rigging, so just simply place it and you’re free to animate… Oh, and the girl’s poker face could actually give special charm to the game.

Character Arachnid by maxbugor

All kinds of zombies and mystical creatures combining animal and human features perfectly fit medieval games. If you are creating the next Pirates of the Caribbean style game or virtual reality experience, this arachnid creature can enrich your project for sure. The author of this model – Maksim has an eye for these ugly-yet-fascinating mystical characters, so you might really be interested in checking his portfolio and getting some assets at a bargain price.

Vampire Dark Bat by 3diggerart

There are two ways of making people scared – by creating some hideous, deformed, non-realistically looking character that catches audience by surprise, or by simply showing something scary everyone knows actually exist in real life. Bats can classify as the latter. This vampire dark bat 3D model was very popular during the Halloween, but you can be sure this would do the job in a regular horror game.

Coral Fish Pack by marka

Underwater world is still highly undiscovered – we only know a little fracture about the life there – just as we do about the outer space. Space, however, inspires way more creative artwork in CG community… This coral fish pack celebrates the beauty of sea world and can definitely make a great foundation for an application bringing users to the vastness of underwater. Spongebob and Nemo made it to the top, why a [insert your cool pisces name] cannot do that?