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Tech Educator Harsh Bharwani Launches India’s first NFT in education

Jetking Infotrain launches a collection of 10,000 unique 3.0 Lion NFTs 

Jetking Infotrain Limited, India’s leading Digital Skills Institute, announced the launch of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT), with an education use for purchasing premium courses. This is the first NFT launched by an Indian education institute. Students can pay fees to the institution for pursuing NFT courses either directly or through their wallets. If they use crypto wallets then they can transfer the said amount to the institution’s account using cryptos.

Mr. Harsh Bharwani, CEO & MD, Jetking Infotrain said, “COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the technology adoption all across the world and many industries have opted for different models to engage with consumers online as well as offline. The entry of blockchain is the strong base of crypto universe and a game changer. This will not in bring in transparency but also protect tampering of information. Since we teach about blockchain, we thought it apt to put our money where our mouth is and introduce a practical experience of using NFTs.”

Jetking Infotrain has launched a collection of 10,000 unique ‘Web 3.0 Lion NFTS’- unique digital collectibles living on the Ethereum blockchain. The ‘Web 3.0 lions’ NFT will give access to the Jetking Community that is a collaborative Web 3.0 Community. In Blockchain domain, they are one of the earliest platforms providing the opportunity for learners to purchase the courses like Jetking Premium and Jetking Gold using Non-Fungible Token which they created as a Jetking Collection in various popular NFT Market places like, Rariable. The Jetking Premium collection is priced at Rs 40,000 & Jetking Gold collection at Rs 9000 per NFT.

This initiative stems from the institute’s belief to promote tech inclusion. The digital world is full of innovations and sometimes also prone to cyber threats. Blockchain-backed digital assets NFTs are getting popularity due to their uniqueness. NFT or Non-Fungible Tokens are the new digital tokens exchanged through cryptocurrency but cannot be alterable. However, the NFT market is touching new heights and many people are involved in buying, selling, and developing NFTs.

The objective behind launching NFTs is that the buyer will own the unique item originally through digital means. NFTs generally represent digital ownership of assets and they leverage Blockchain technology to provide an ownership certificate digitally. This certificate is highly authenticated and dependent on a decentralized platform.

Links for Accessing Jetking’s NFT Collection: