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JumpTask Review: Getting Crypto Without Paying

Getting things for free is something that makes anyone happy. There could be free samples sent to you via mail or just some free stuff you can get at the store or certain conferences. However, with cryptocurrencies, this seems like a completely different idea. After all, you need to buy them if you wish to use them.

You can participate in airdrops in order to get some free crypto. However, the chances of winning them are relatively low. However, JumpTask, a new microtasking platform that started its life at the start of 2022, promises you free money for doing simple tasks. Is that indeed the case?

What is JumpTask?

JumpTask is a microtasking platform that seeks to revolutionize the gig economy market by letting businesses employ their ever-growing user base. Instead of hiring someone with a specialty in, for example, game testing, businesses can simply put their game up on JumpTask and asks their users to play it and, in turn, test it that way. Needless to say, for participation, users get rewarded, making this a win-win approach for both businesses and users alike.

This platform also has its own cryptocurrency that it uses for payouts. It is called JumpToken (JMPT), and it is being traded just like any other cryptocurrency on certain exchanges, for example, PancakeSwap. This cryptocurrency was created by the JumpTask team and was launched together with the microtasking platform itself.

The sole requirements for using JumpTask are as basic as they can get – an active internet connection and a crypto wallet. Even if you do not have a crypto wallet, you can still join JumpTask by using the login option, which lets you log in using your social media accounts and creates a wallet for you.

Earning on JumpTask

JumpTask is pretty similar to other microtasking platforms in a way that it offers very similar tasks to those that can be found elsewhere. These include downloading some applications, playing some games, filling out a survey, and so on.

On JumpTask, these tasks are split for your convenience; that is, for example, the “Games” category offers various games that you will need to play and reach a certain level in order to get your payout. The “Surveys” category, as the name clearly indicates, will reward you for completing surveys.

Just like elsewhere, all of the tasks have a certain payment attached to them. The more difficult and time-consuming the task is, the more crypto you will earn. The tasks themselves are basic enough so that anyone can complete them. It is more about how much time it would take rather than how much effort you would need to put in.

Besides these active task types, JumpTask also offers opportunities to earn passive income, which is somewhat uncommon in the market of microtasking platforms. Here it comes in two flavors. One being Honeygain and the other one being staking.

Honeygain is an application that rewards you for sharing your internet bandwidth. By installing and running it, you will gain JMPT throughout the day. The app works automatically and does not require you to do anything actively.

Staking is a term that is familiar to those who have already dabbled in the crypto world. It is a common way to make your crypto work for you. You lock in your assets for a certain period of time and gain interest in doing so. JumpTask offers this “in-house,” and you can stake what you have earned right on the website itself. With numerous cryptocurrencies available for staking, this is a nice touch by the JumpTask team.

Pros and cons

The definite pro of JumpTask is that the payments are made directly and in the form of cryptocurrency. This means that people who are already familiar with cryptocurrencies can increase their portfolios for free, whereas those unfamiliar with them can check what the fuss is about without any risk. This is because no investment is required to get JMPT.

Another pro is the simplicity of tasks. The instructions on how to complete them, regardless of the task type you choose, are clear and concise, leaving you with no chance of making a mistake and not getting paid. Passive income options are also a big plus.

As for the cons, sometimes, the rewards take some time to appear in your wallet after you complete a task. This is especially true for the “Games” section. Also, sometimes there are no surveys available, but that does not happen too often.

In conclusion, JumpTask is a great way to get some crypto completely for free. It is suitable for those who already know a thing or two about crypto as well as for those who know almost nothing about it.