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3 Tips for Launching Effective Crypto PR Campaigns Online

Building PR for a crypto asset of any kind, whether it’s a new ICO or an expensive NFT is quite different from branding just about anything else. Other than that, things can get even more complicated once you realize that different crypto assets require different PR strategies. Keeping those factors in mind, you may find the following tips suggested by industry leading crypto PR agencies to be quite helpful.

Work with a Specialized Crypto PR Agency

As previously mentioned, strategizing and planning PR campaigns for crypto assets of any kind is nothing like anything else. Therefore, the very first tip is that you must work with a specialized and experienced crypto PR agency that knows the market, understands the various different niches, and has enough experience to know exactly who would be interested in what.

A regular PR agency, on the other hand, may have little to no idea regarding how blockchain technology works, or even how to promote a DeFi. Many famous digital PR companies do not even have a proper grasp of how an NFT works, let alone who would be interested in the digital content.

PR Strategies Should Focus on the Human Aspect

Marketing and public relations are interconnected and often overlap with each other, but they are not to be thought of as one and the same. For example, digital marketing campaigns to promote a crypto product should not be identical to digital PR campaigns for the same. The difference is that it is literally impossible to establish favorable relationships between potential investors/partners/customers and a crypto product/brand/asset. PR can only be established between human beings, which is why it’s called public relations and not product relations.

Any decent crypto PR agency will have a tried and tested plan in place to establish certain key individuals involved with the project as such. The plan will be multifaceted, with the main goal of establishing said key figures as reputable, reliable, and credible faces of the new crypto brand. When you are dealing in a complex and somewhat niche field, investors tend to shy away from no-face companies.

Messages from Key Figures: Press Releases via Selective Media Contacts

Well timed press releases and interviews of the previously mentioned key figures must be published and sent out via selective media contact points. The media contacts must be selected carefully because it would be difficult for a key person to deliver anything meaningful through their interviews and statements, unless the media contact itself is well versed in blockchain technology. On top of that, general media houses, irrespective of how popular they might be, do not always have the ideal reader base for the crypto industry.

It will be up to the crypto PR agency to find the appropriate crypto media contacts and set up interviews, press releases, blogs, etc. Their deeper and better understanding of the industry should also help them in timing each media release with immaculate precision for maximizing the necessary investments associated with PR efforts.