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Smart Air QT3 Review – Portable Air Purifier You Must Have!

Air pollution is becoming a real crisis in top-tier Indian cities followed by many other developing cities. Air purifiers solve this problem in indoor environments like homes, schools, and offices. Today we’re reviewing a new portable air purifier that is highly suitable for commuting, home, and even small offices – Smart Air QT3 (Travel Edition).

Smart Air QT3 Review – A Beautiful Portable Air Purifier

Smart Air QT3 is originally designed to be a tabletop purifier that one can primarily use on the go. However, its strong HEPA filter and FAN allow it to cool 150-160 square feet size of rooms effectively.

Design and Build Quality

Smart Air QT3 is a lightweight, beautiful air purifier that is built to provide personal steam of clean air.  The product is made of high-grade plastic in white with a coffee color accent. It has a flexible handle with a leather-like feel, and it’s sufficient to handle the 655 gms of the weight of this portable air purifier.

Smart Air QT3 Review

There are two versions of this product one for home use a.k.a the Home Edition, that has no built-in battery and weighs about 610 gms and the one I am doing this long review is the travel version with 4 hours of battery backup.

The device takes inspiration from a table-fan design and has fins on the front that can be adjusted manually. As this portable air purifier is built for the personal air stream, the design choices are natural and work effectively.

On the top, it has a cable tray, where you can keep the cable during the commute. There is no power adapter, but it should work fine with any USB adapter or charger.

QT3 purifier works on a 9W Max Working Power and has a small form factor compared to full-sized Air Purifiers. The size of this device is 150 x 145 x 180mm and takes very little space on your work table or dining table. While you can use it in a car, its size doesn’t allow you to place it in a cup holder like typical car air purifiers.

The fan on the back has a protective cover on the back, but its gaps are wider for air suction. So it is suggested to keep this device at a distance from children.

Replacing the HEPA Filter

The fins when pulled, come out easily exposing its square-shaped HEPA filter and the fan at the very back. This makes it easy to filter after prolonged usage.

Smart Air QT3 - HEPA Filter Air Purifier

The HEPA filter is standard and covered with hard paper boxing. It only marks the branding and Front side of the filter in order to avoid replacing the filter in reverse order.

The HEPA filter is designed to work well for over 800 hours. So for daily casual usage of 2-3 hours, it can last for over a year.

Power & Battery Life

The top side has three LED indicators for speeds and a fourth indicator that will start flashing when the HEPA filter needs a replacement.  Along with that are two buttons one to power on the Smart Air QT3, and pressing it again will increase its speed. On the back, there is a USB-C port which will help you connect the provided cable to any USB power outlet.

Smart Air QT3 - Power, Battery, Indicators

You can connect it to any power adapter, PC, or laptop USB port and it will do its magic. The travel version has a 2000 mAh battery that works even without power. This option comes in handy when using it in a car or when the power supply isn’t available. I used it near my gaming workstation and it lasts over 3.5 hours at full speed.


After using it for over two weeks, I was not able to find a high amount of dust on the HEPA filter but there is visible dust spotting when looked closely.

When it comes to performance, it’s as good as its HEPA filter. QT3’s filter is capable of removing PM2.5 and virus particles that even covered COVID-19. 95% of the particles are removed from the air from just a single pass. When you install QT3 in your office, school, or home environment, you can rest assured it cleans Bad air particles, Dust, Pet Fur, Pollen and Allergies, Pet Dandruff, and viruses.

The noise level is 32 dB, which is barely audible at low speeds and produces minimum noise even at the highest speeds. Low noise levels make it easy

For its price, it’s a pretty amazing performance, and if you’re in the market portable air purifier for your home and office, Smart Air QT3 will suffice all your needs.


When it comes to air purifiers we have different needs, and Smart Air QT3 is suitable for most of us. Even though its targeted to deliver a personal stream of clean and pollution-free air, it’s highly capable of cleaning small rooms with high cleaning efficiency.

For the price of Rs. 3149 for the home version and Rs. 3499 for the battery-powered travel version, I believe it’s a Value for Money portable air purifier I highly recommend for homes, personal office spaces, cafes, and even restaurants.

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