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Protect Your Home Appliances with a Voltage Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations have the tendency to cause temporary or permanent load failure, which can also reduce the total life span of some home appliances or industrial equipment. The variations usually occur because of the various faults in power lines or sudden load changes. To keep the equipment running and in good condition, a voltage stabilizer is crucial. It helps to maintain regular supply of load such that all the appliances or equipment are protected from over or under voltage fluctuations.

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Voltage stabilizer has become essential for every home.  Since technology has advanced, voltage stablizers have become intelligent with better response to voltage fluctuations and optimum output.

Importance of Voltage Stabilizers

Electrical devices are engineered for maximum efficiency at a standard voltage supply, also known as nominal operating voltage. Incoming load received in our houses tends to fluctuate due to various reasons because of which the input supply to the appliances also alters. Thus, reducing the device’s overall efficiency and life span due to an increased failure rate.

Voltage stabilizer, in such situations, ensures the appliance gets the desired power for its optimum functioning. It is an asset to protecting all electronic goods.

What happens if we don’t place voltage stabilizers at home?

Effect of Over-voltage-

  • Permanent damage to the appliance
  • Unnecessary load disturbances
  • Frequent over-heating issues
  • Decreased useful life of the device
  • Damage to winding insulation

Effect of Under-voltage-

  • Malfunctioning of the device
  • Decreased overall equipment efficiency
  • Prolonged work duration due to dysfunction and lower efficiency
  • Poor work performance of the device
  • Directing equipment to draw high-current, thereby, overheating the mechanism leading to its failure

How to Select the Right Voltage Stabilizer for Your Home?

It is a safety net between the power supply and your equipment. It ensures optimized operations of your home appliances and doesn’t fiddle with their life span. Therefore, selecting the right stabilizer becomes a crucial task for every home. You must consider the power supply of your area and how much it fluctuates daily, before purchasing any voltage stabilizer.

Take note of the power supply and ratings of the device which you want to buy. You can find details either on the stickers of the equipment or on the user manual inside the packing. The Indian standard is 230VAC, 50Hz.

Look for the power of all devices, usually mentioned in watts, and those will be connected to the voltage stabilizer. The total sum of all the power will define the range of stabilizer you require.

For instance, if the total sum of all the power is 1000 watts, buy a stabilizer which has a range above 1000 watts as it will help during fluctuations in the case of overloading.

Essential Features to Keep in Mind:

  1. Voltage Stabilizers must be kept away from children’s reach and wet places. A wall-mounted stabilizer is recommended for such cases.
  2. Indicators are an essential feature. It will indicate any over or under voltage in the power supply.
  3. Overload current protection system will help the stabilizer turn-off on time during a short-circuit.

Different Types of Voltage Stabilizers for Home:

  • Refrigerator stabilizer
  • Air conditioner stabilizer
  • TV stabilizer
  • Mainline stabilizer

Protect Your Home Appliances with the Best Stabilizer

Voltage fluctuations are a common problem in Indian households, so it becomes imperative to buy the best stabilizer which suits your needs. Luminous is a reliable Indian brand which provides suitable voltage stabilizers for your different needs. All the products the company offers are technologically advanced, therefore, has automatic power stabilizing functionality. The applications vary depending upon your usage and product features.

Choosing the best voltage stabilizer for your home can save you overhead costs of equipment repair or buying a new one. Getting the automatic voltage stabilizer from Luminous will keep your appliances from decreasing their life span and optimizing the overall efficiency. It will also save you from constant worries of any power fluctuations that can occur anytime.

Look for products online or get them offline; either way, you will receive the benefits.