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Asus Zenflash In-depth Review: World’s First Xenon Flash For Zenfone 2 Smartphones

When it comes to features and quality of smartphone cameras, they have come a long way. When you have cameras of iPhone, Nexus or Zenfone devices, that can easily compete with basic DSLRs, why we have nothing better than Dual-LED when it comes to flash?

Understanding this problem, Asus has launched a a cool accessory  called the Zenflash. If you are looking for professional quality bright flash, Zenflash can be the perfect companion for any Zenfone 2 Series device.


Asus Zenflash In-depth Review

In the box you get, the Zenflash itself in a silicon carry case, user guide and warranty information. The hard rubber protection carry case is neatly designed keeping in mind that it has to be carried along with the phone.

When you remove the actual Zenflash from the case, you will see a compact xenon flash, that has a sticker on the back, and by peeling of this cover you can mount is on the backside of your Zenfone 2. The sticker holds the flash very firmly, and you can remove it easily as well, There was an extra sticker in the box, in case your original one gets worn off after frequent use.


The USB OTG cable needed to power on the Zenflash, is covered in this compact design, that is simple to remove and put it back, so you do not have to carry separate cables. This microUSB adapter can be easily plugged into the charger port, and there you have it, the first ever Xenon flash that will work side by side with your built-in flash.


Unlike the Asus Lolliflash, this does not needs additional charging or batteries.

Asus Zenflash App

Zenflash comes with an app, that lets you customize this Xenon flash features. Most important one of them is the distance adjustment. You need a good distance from focus object or person in order to capture the high quality photos in low light. You can adjust the distance and try taking photos to understand this feature better. Note that keeping Zenflash too closer will generate over-exposure and burn your photographs with excessive light.

Zenflash Test

I am trying to capture Akshay in extremely low light, who is standing about 1.5 meters from the phone. But first I am keeping the distance in the app 0.5m.


As you can see the photograph is nowhere close to good. Lets try 2.5, now. The brightness has increased but there is a overall pale tone to it.


Now I am adjusting to exact 1.5m distance and capture this.


Voila, you have the clear, sharp and very visible image even in low lighting conditions.With even a little bit of natural or room lighting, this Xenon flash can work like magic for your photos. Its especially useful for capturing moving objects in darker lighting conditions.

Note that Zenflash also uses your internal camera flash first, and then the Xenon flash puts the additional light necessary. The Xenon flash has 4.8 GN (Guide Number) that offers 100 times brighter flash than normal LED flash, and 2.4 meter coverage distance, where LED flash can only be used for lighting objects under 1 meter.

For the price of Rs. 1699, it is must have accessory for Zenfone 2 owners, but sadly it wont work on any other Android smartphones or operating system. I will highly recommend Zenflash to every photography enthusiasts, professionals and even others to try out the  quality of Xenon flash for much better photography experience on their smartphones.