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Wonder Polls iOS App Review: Participate And Create Polls On Your iPhone!

There are literally hundreds of time killer apps, educational apps, and social app for interactions, But what if all of this come together at one place and you can learn & have fun while passing time? – Check out this app that lets you do all three things at once named as – Wonder Polls!


Wonder Polls iOS App Review

As the name clearly indicates, this app is basically a poll app at its core, but it does not just end there. Wonder Polls have a community connected to it, which from their respective iOS apps interacts regularly with number of polls. And you can participate in polls to learn what others are preferring in the world!


Polls will help you explore new facts, some will be humorous and some of them would be purely educational. You can skip though number of live polls happening across the globe through this app, and only participate in the ones you are more interested in. Apart from just taking part in polls, you can create your separate poll and take vote on anything you like. All of your poll history will always be available at My Polls section in the app.

Apart from simple polls, you can also explore more explanation or videos to some polls, if they are provided by poll creator. Dedicated search will also help you find polls related to your interest, which is quite handy if  you are picky about the topics.


Wonder Polls have fresh and vibrant user interface that is very easy to understand. The overall visual appeal keeps you engaged for longer times, and you can keep exploring new things through the polls. The app works flawlessly on both iPhone & iPad and is available as 100% free app that supports ads. You can also opt for Ad-Free version of Wonder Polls, which is already available on the iTunes app store.

Overall, I will rate this app highest for its high usability, social polling experience & 100% Free of cost!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Wonder Polls on iTunes