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Voice To Voice – Realtime Interpreter iOS App Review

Translating text was once looked quite futuristic, but with smartphones of today, you can even interpret text in real-time. And it has become possible with a great iOS app called – Voice To Voice – Realtime Interpreter!


Voice To Voice – Realtime Interpreter App Review

The very first impression of this app is that, its super easy to use. The clean interface makes it easier to navigate through the menu, and any new user can get started within seconds with Voice to Voice.

Voice-to-Voice-2There are numerous flags that represent different languages, and user have to select the two of them to get started. Once the languages are all set, all you have to do is speak, and this app will translate and interpret voice in the second language you have selected.

Voice-to-Voice-3Surprisingly, you do not have to select the language you are speaking, because Voice to Voice Realtime Interpreter will recognize your language right when you speak. Sounds futuristic, Right?

There are total 16 different language this app can interpret your voice in, and the interpretation is in natural pleasant voice. There are glitches sometimes in the actual translation, but as the newer versions coming out, the app is getting stable and better every time!


The internet connection is a must for this process to take place, which might disappoint some of the users, but for better output this thing is necessary from the app developers end.

Overall, I will recommend this app to everyone, who want to improve their language skills, or want to try this professionally, and being a free app makes it a must-have for all iOS users!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

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