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VetCheck iOS App Review: A Complete Solution For Your Pet’s Care!

When you own a pet, you are always worried about the basic things and care you can give to them from your busy day-to-day life. But what if you can leverage all of this with a great management tool and make everything simplified on your iPhone? – Well, now you can do that with VetCheck!

VetCheck iOS App Review

Whether you own dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, turtles or even any other pet, you can easily aggregate all information about them using the VetCheck app that works great on both iPhone & iPad.

Starting from its basic details to vaccinations you can measure all information and data that will help your pet live a healthy life. VetCheck will help you schedule appointment with the Vet directly using your iPhone contacts and you can quickly setup email or SMS alert for it, so that you never miss an important date.

VetCheck-iOS-App-ReviewYou can log your pet’s weight regularly in this app, this will help it gather enough facts to prepare a weight graph. This graph will help you analyse health of your pet or sudden weight loss that you can take to your vet for further diagnostics.

You can also find your pet’s age analogy with a human age, that will help you understand more about the pet’s life cycle and look for their needs in respective ages.

VetCheck-iOS-App-4This app has been designed by Vet, who actually understand everything your pet needs, and how you can precisely take care of your loved pets without any issues. You can find lods of updated information about your pet, their vaccinations and new medication details you might find helpful.

VetCheck-iOS-App-3There is a fun and educational trivia for pets, that is already included in VetCheck. You can easily take advantage of it to educate yourself more and more as you play on.

VetCheck-iOS-App-2The user interface of this app is very simplified to quick use, and looks elegant on both iPhone and iPad. The app works fluently no matter what, and I loved it more on my iPhone than on iPad, though its totally the same on both. Its price of $2.99 might be disappointing for some, but considering the huge set of tools and information this app contains, it’s totally worth every penny.

Cost: $2.99

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