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Spot The Difference HD iPad Game Review: Great Time Killer!

There has been great games made for leisure on iPhone over past few years, but I have not found anything similar before, that has been specially designed for iPad. So, here is my new & favorite game for free time named Spot The Difference HD!

Spot The Difference HD iPad Game Review

As the name itself clearly mentions its concept, you have to basically find the differences between to similar looking photographs. The changes can be different like re-sizing  changed brightness, changes colors or missing ones. But you have to take a close look at both pictures to find cleverly hidden differences!

Even though the concept is similar and old, I have seen some really challenging pictures that makes this game worth trying. Also the HD upgrade will let you view all the images at their best quality on beautiful and mighty screen of iPad.

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Even though you can play at your speed to get your hands on, the most interesting experience would be playing against the timer to test your skills. There are 3 hints you can use over the complete gameplay, which you can use when you are stuck. But try to save them as long as you can, because you are going to earn 500 extra score for each level.

This game on iPad has really simple to use interface and brings high value to your free time. There 100 puzzles and 250+ downloadable images available with this Free app but you can upgrade to Paid for even more challenging puzzles. I will recommend this game for all iOS users who love time-killer games!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

Download Spot The Difference HD For iPad