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Rich Note & PDF Maker iPhone App Review – Premium Word Processing Experience!

As people are spending huge money on buying high-end smartphones like iPhone, Do they really let you do all the ‘rich office tasks’ that you expect? Not really. Today I am going to review one premium word processing app that goes beyond all the restrictions that comes with iPhone’s native text editor –  Rich Note & PDF Maker!

Rich Note & PDF Maker iPhone App Review

Rich Notes & PDF Maker

So basically, this is a high-end word processor that lets you create rich notes. You can perform loads of customization on your text notes or simple text documents which was rarely possible on smartphone before. This application is as flexible & Simple to use as MS Word and while using it I wondered, this should be natively included with iOS sometimes in the future!

Rich Note & PDF Maker lets you edit the text with wide variety of text editing options like preset of headings, number of classy fonts, font colors and what not. Changing the background colors is also a great feature that many other note taking apps lacks. You can easily insert images from your iPhone or iPad, and also take a quick snap to add it to your text document.

As the name suggests, Rich Note & PDF maker, lets you convert all you notes to PDF with a quick button and they are ready to be shared to your computer or online. There are more converting options like Image, HTML or WebArchives, which might be a great use for those who work online like bloggers, web developers and many more.

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The most essential feature of this app is, it lets provides accessory keys inside the app that lets you perform important tasks with one or two taps compared to native text editors 5-9 taps, which is amazing for improving your overall productivity on the go.  Arrow keys, word keys ( to navigate between words), select /copy /past /redo /undo /date /time /smart brackets keys are some of the most used keys you would love to have while note editing. Another outstanding feature is you can create some shortcut keys yourself that you need most of the time, which makes this app a must-have for those who loves to create notes full-time on their Apple iPhone & iPad. There are many other miscellaneous features like file zipping/unzipping, sharing that makes it even more worth for its price point of $3.99!

The app runs amazingly well on bot the iPhone and iPad & mighty screen of the tablet allows you to do things in better manner but the app runs swiftly on both of them. The user interface is cleverly designed though for the very new user all these features can become overwhelming, but he/she can get used to it within the usage of  hour or so.

I will highly recommend this app for iOS users no matter they are using iPod Touch, iPhone or Big iPad!!!

(BTW – The app is already optimized for iPhone 5)

Cost: $3.99

Ratings – 5/5

Download Rich Note & PDF Maker