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Luna Loves Whipped Cream iPad App Review: Interactive & Engaging Storybook For Kids

[dropcap]W[/dropcap]e have seen some of the best interactive games and apps  before, and its time for something even more engaging especially for your kids. This is a review of interactive storybook iPad app named Luna Loves Whipped Cream!

Luna Loves Whipped Cream App Review

This is basically a delightful new storybook that talks about Luna, he lovable sheep dog, and her girl Olivia. What this makes even a better is the engaging interactive story telling that comes through this magicall iOS app.

luma-loves-ios-app-2The illustrations created in this storybook are very engaging thanks to great use of colorful arts. Through out this story of sweet, silly, fun-loving family dog – Luna, your kids will experience most creative way to engage in a story. 

Over 100 touch sounds and animations will enrich your experience with the story. You can use Read-by-Myself or Read-to-Me modes to experience the same story in different forms.

luma-loves-ios-app-3Read-to-Me will tell you the complete  story with interactive animations, dialogues bubbles, character voices and amazing sound effects. You can even opt out for music if you want to. The overall feel of this story remains very elegant through creative designing and capable retina display of your iPad!

luma-loves-ios-app-4Apart from its technical and artistic beauty, this app brings most amazing story for your kids, which you can enjoy for $1.99, without any ads, in-app-purchases or any other obstruction.

Cost: $1.99

Download Luna Loves Whipped Cream