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Logical Horse Racing iOS App Review: For Busy Racing Investors!

If you are a superbusy racing investor and want to keep track of your horses, trainers and decide upon the best of all, this iOS app will take care of everything for you at a cost. The app is called- Logical Horse Racing!

Logical Horse Racing iOS App Review

Race investors are forced with huge number of information like Horses – Jockeys – Going – Time trails – Form – Distances -Trainer form – the draw and even more minute details. And it comes almost on a daily basis – And to simply the life of that busy person, Logical Horse Racing app is seriously a much-needed tool.

logical-horse-racing-ios-1Starting from calculating the value of any horse, and to identify his potential, user is supposed to do some test races or log information about that horse’s performance in various races.

logical-horse-racing-ios-2Based on that questionnaire, the app determines the best horses from the list who might be in their best shape and form, to get in the race and be on top of the charts. 



Based on all the information you are saving over the time, Logical Horse Racing app creates a comparison  data chart with up to eight horses. This will visuall help you to decide that horse works out to be the best.


The app looks great on iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch, and the interface is very elegant as well.

Being a simple mobile app this pricing might look very steep, but if you are investor of that busy kind, and want to simplify your workflow and decisions, this might be a good value for money deal for you. For the rest, this app is outright expensive to try at pricing of £49.99.

Cost: £49.99

Download Logical Horse Racing