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InstaInspire iOS App Review – Just Making Your Photos Speak!

First the immensely popular social network brought the trend to share photos and some innovative iOS app developers are taking it even further to make your photos more interactive. I am going to review one quite similar app that can make you photo sharing experience simply outstanding – InstaInspire!

InstaInspire iOS App Review

As I said before, the photo editing and sharing can be improved very much using the InstaInspire and allows you to literally speak using photos. The app feature one of its kind in-build digital recorder that lets you add the message with your photos.

Like most of other photo editing apps, InstaInspire also has powerful tools to add filters, crop, edit & merge options in multiple layers. The images can be altered precisely and made even more interesting using this app on your iPhone or iPad.  Adding creative backgrounds, frames and symbols is very quick and you can completely revamp the photo within minutes.

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Adding one more impressive feature to its list, InstaInspire is a powerful sketch or doodle tool that lets you make drawings quickly and even merge with your pic as well. As the all is all about conveying your message you can definitely add any text message and recorded message on your picture and share it later on. The interface is basic and simple to use & looks great on iPhone’s retina display.

Despite of being a powerful photo editing tool, most useful feature that differs it from other similar app will always be its built-in recorder, that no one else offers right now in Apple app store. So its like all in one package of 4-5 tools, which I will highly recommend to every user to try  out for free. Also for just $0.99 you can get its plus version for hundreds of high-resolution images & better editing scope.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 4/5

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