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Geo World Deluxe iOS App Review: Discover The World Geography!

If you love exploring geography of the world, or want to learn and remember everything, there is a totally creative app you must download on your iPhone or iPad called – Geo World Deluxe!

geo-world-delux-1Geo World Deluxe iOS App Review

World is a great great place, filled with rich histories and each part with its cultural and geographical significance. If you have ever tried to remember places and flags and other important information about countries world wide, there is no better way than this interactive iOS application.

geo-world-delux-2Geo World Deluxe is highly colorful application that lets you discover the world map with the country flags. It also has & interactive games, that are designed to test your skills and help you remember more countries every time you play. And not just about all countries, but 50 states in united states are also available to learn about.

This app will help you learn flags, remember capitals, landmarks, state shapes, bordering states, map locations and even the proper pronunciation, specially helpful for immigrants from other countries. Not just for kids but this app is highly educational in a fun way for adults as well.

geo-world-delux-3The interactive applications like Google Street View are also embedded to help you remember landmarks. There are quite a few interesting games like – Fall-n-Catch, locations, Capitals, Neighbours, Exploration, Shapes & Places. Most amazing of all for me was Fall-n-Catch, where user is supposed to detect the correct falling flag!

geo-world-delux-4Overall, this app is a complete treat for those who love geography, want to learn it or want to test their existing skills. The interactive games, make it a total fun experience for all ages, and the intuitive UI makes the overall experience super rich. I will highly recommend this app to all iOS users for sure!

Cost: $0.99

Ratings: 5/5

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