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Detective’s Voice Recorder iOS App Review: One Touch Secret Recorder For iPhone!

If you are looking for a smart recording app for your iOS devices that never lets you down, then this one might be exactly what you are looking for –Detective’s Voice Recorder!


Detective’s Voice Recorder iOS App Review

What I like most about this app is, its not complex to operate at all. Because when you are looking for recording audio secretly, you don’t want other people to see you tapping 10 times on your iPhone, Right?


The easy mode in the Detective’s Voice Recorder app let you start recording simply right when your app starts. You can stop recording with home button or even start with it, because this app lets you record with black screen as well.  So even when your phone is right on table, and people can see its in standby, its will actually be recording the whole conversation, without anyone noticing it.


The app responds superfast, and there is no lag whatsoever noticed while we tested this app on latest iPhone & iPad for last 2-3 days. There is an professional mode available inside this app, that let user customize the app settings for much better recording and save storage. A simple swipe on app screen will let you change the modes, which might come in handy for frequent users.

The app has special features like Sound Detection Recording (Which only record the sound louder than pre-set volume set by the user), Save with Map/Location every time you record, Auto-Pause Recording if interrupted by Calls, Texts, Alarm or Notifications. Additionally you can also use additional features like – Sound Detection Call (which creates a quick call to you, when sound is created nearby), Pre-set Time Recording & More.


So basically, this app will help you achieve everything you want to do, same as detective’s voice recorder would have done. The user interface of this app is very easy to navigate and easy to understand. As I mentioned already, the app works flawlessly on any of the iOS devices.

Overall, we rate this app the highest for its in-depth research in features for what any secret audio recording should have, and they have deployed all of it pretty impressively. Also, as this app comes free, it is worth trying at least once!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Detective’s Voice Recorder