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Cookie Catch Game iOS Review – Amazing Time Killer!

Though I have recently reviews a lot of iOS games, there are always these time killers, which have high replay value and you always want something more of it, if you are of competitive nature as most of the users. Today, I am going to review my new favorite game called – Cookie Catch!

As the name clearly gives says – ‘You have to catch a cookie.’ You get a glass full of milk and you get to catch the cookies as much as you can and score higher points. At first, I though hard can this game be ?But trust me, it is. The speed of falling cookies re different, and when you catch a faster falling cookie, you get more points. Also, if a cookie is bigger than your milk glass, it can shatter it apart, so you have to stay away from that kind.

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Scoring  more and more entitles you to win some really cool power-ups, that lets you catch even more cookies and well, becomes even more tempting in very small time. As I said before, the shorter life span of the game, makes its replay value very high and you can get started even if you have short time as less as 10 minutes.

Cookie catch comes with a really eye-candy graphics and looks extremely great on retina display of your iOS devices like iPhone or iPad. The app has been optimized to work with both of this devices and you wont get a cropped screen on iPad. The UI is very responsive and I did no experience any issues even when I played consistently for 2 hours.

Being stuffed with all the features any time killer game ever need, makes Cookie Catch very usable to all age groups. Right not Cookie Catch is available as 100% free download and I will recommend this game to all iOS device users as a must-have in your collection.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5