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BamtBoo iOS App Review: The Anonymous Social Experience!

Social networking is at its peak on internet right now, but if you want to experience an anonymous place where interests and shares matters more than their names and identity, Bamtboo is an app for you!

Bamtboo iOS App Review

New and creative developers are bringing social experience to all of our online tools, profiles and whatnot. On the other hand if you feel like talking with group of unknowns, then this app can be a great experience for you.

Bamtboo-iphone-app-1Because sometimes we can’t share each emotion or an idea with our loved ones or friends, people needed a place where they can talk freely and take opinion of others. With Bamtboo, this anonymous place can become a great emotional space for you to be at.




This app has a delightful interface and has each and every feature you can expect from any social networking app. You can share quick status updates with the others who are using Bamtboo.

Bamtboo-iphone-app-3All users can see your updates and, photos or whatever you share, and express their views with comments or like features. The post can be shared on the app as well or you can even add a hash-tag just like on the twitter.

Bamtboo-iphone-app-5Hashtag feature allows you to look for whats hot on the network right now or whats trending, and you can easily explore the people with similar interests. Sadly, the app is only available only for iPhone and iPad users, but I expect the developers will soon release the app for other operating systems like Android or Windows Phone.

The user interface is intuitive and takes almost no time to get used with it. Being a free app, I will highly recommend trying it at least once!

Cost: Free

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