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ATracker iOS App Review – Most Optimized Daily Task Tracking!

While most of the activity tracker consume more time in setting up and adding tasks, Very few developers have managed to make an optimized solution to this issue. Today, I am going to review app, that has best optimization & integration of activity tracking for day-to-day tasks – ATracker!

ATracker iOS App Review

This app starts with elegant and simple to use interface that has almost no learning curve, which makes it new user to dive in easily. Adding an activity is a piece of cake, where you do not have to wait setting up the whole task, and you are good to go within 2-3 taps.

Being an activity tracker, ATracker makes it super easy to manage all the activities, and later on the productivity can be measured using the charts and graphs, that can be exported using the activity logs. The push notification feature of the Atracker allows the app to send alarm notification even when the app is closed or silent, eliminating the need to look inside the app every 15 minutes.

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Apart from being a really productive activity tracker, ATracker allows its users to customize the interface completely, giving it even more personal feel. User is allowed to tweak with interface items like background, transparency and task item style. Housewives can use it for cooking and baby care tasks, executives for office tasks, children for the hobby projects and so on.

ATracker has great use in everyone’s life but, most importantly it does not waste your time in basic setup or making the tasks sub part of many other tasks. It remains simple and intuitive at its heart, and that’s why I will recommend this app to everyone!

Cost: $1.99

Ratings: 5/5

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