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Animal Sounds – Amazing iPhone/iPad App For Toddlers!

On one side where iOS games and apps are using Apple devices high-end graphics and performance for resource intensive tasks, few developers are working hard to make it highly productive by making some cute little apps for toddlers.

I am going to review one such kind of app that will not just make your work easy but gives an overall fun learning experience for your young kids – Animal Sounds Free!

Animal Sounds Free iPhone App

How This Animal Sounds App Functions

As the name suggests, this app is basically full of animal graphic in somewhat similar to flash cards format. As you start the app you can show these images to your toddler to identify the playing animal.

To make the experience even better, developers have provided some natural sounds of those animals which are generated while watching the photos. Also  when you touch the animal, app tells you the kind of creature is on your screen.

Compatibility & Performance –

The app is compatible for all touch screen devices of apple like iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad. The app looks most beautiful on mighty screen of iPad and might be easy to hold for parent but I would still recommend you having it on iPhone as well, because your kid can also then operate the app really easily.

The app performance very fluid on most of the devices I tested but on my iPhone which is full of games and stuff, some slides lagged on first time use. Then second time that lag got eliminated on itself but overall I loved the simple and productive use of this Animal Sounds App for iOS devices.

Great news is this app comes free with default animals and their respective sounds but you can unlock the full app for a small fee to introduce more new animals right inside your app. I would take away its one point for a small glitch I experienced but for the purpose its made, I will heavily recommend this app for the parents who have young kids sin their home!

Cost – Free

Ratings – 4/5

Download Animal Sounds Free iOS App