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Zabuza Labs Updates “DUPLEX – Double Runner Game” With lot Of Exciting Modes!

Duplex is a completely new take on runner games. It is endless, excellent multiple running game which tests your reflexes and concentration power.

In the original version, the game appeared in only one single ‘Classic Mode’. Considering the popularity of Duplex, we updated the game by adding 7 really exciting and challenging modes.

0As the game requires sound eye-hand coordination, Duplex was quickly picked by “speed cuber’s community” (people who solves Rubik’s cube really fast). So we dedicated one new mode for cubers.

Other modes include 3 lanes, 4 lanes, mirror lanes, separate controls for separate lanes etc.

3The game is also updated with other technicalities like: The game has five different themes which keep on changing after few attempts. You can also see number of attempts since your last high score. It acts as an inspiration to beat your own score.

The current high score on classic mode is 899. It’s very difficult to beat that score.

2As told earlier Duplex game is developed in just 34 hours. At Zabuza Labs we conduct internal hackathon every month during which we work for 32 hours straight. The philosophy behind hackathon is to give your 100% to one singular task. You can read more about our hackathon here.


The core gameplay is simple; you have to survive as long as possible from the blocks that are coming your way from different platforms simultaneously.


‘Duplex’ is available in Google Play store for Free, and can be downloaded from this link–