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Turbo Racer Android Game Review – Classic 2D Racing In new Style!

While most of the world is busy solving puzzles and playing regular smartphone games, its time for classic game that every one of has played at least once. Today I am going to review a classic game with new style called – Turbo Racing!

Turbo Racing Android Game Review

As the name implies, Turbo Racing is a 2D car racing game, where you have to get through obstacles and win the race. The vibrant colored graphics design for the backgrounds & cars gives this game a fresh look, but also maintains its classic essence. You have to win against the colorful vehicles passing by and score higher to unlock the achievements.

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Despite of adding ton of fresh visuals, this game does not slow down at any device I have tested, gives a flawless gameplay experience that can engage you for hours. Also, Turbo Racing features global leaderboard, which allows you to compete with other players using score!

The game has high replay value thanks to its challenging experience of car racing, but the best part is there is no learning curve even for very young kids. This makes it easier for new user to get started and eventually get addicted to it!

Turbo Racing works great on Android smartphone as well as tablets, but I still prefer it on my smartphone itself. While maintaining the thrill of its classic 2d racing, adding achievements and leaderboard was a clever choice. And as this game is available as completely Free, it makes it a must-have for all of the Android users!

Ratings: 5/5

Cost: Free

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