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Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile Phone

Android in now the most commonly used mobile OS around the Globe. It is an Open Source Software plus is completely Free to use by Googel. As, a result it have a lot of developer and app support worlwide. Here, I list the Top 5 Android Apps for your android phone or say they are the must have apps for your android phone.

Top 5 Android Apps For Your Smartphone

Advanced Task Killer :

Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile PhoneThe Android Mobile OS supports multitasking, a user can use and manage more than one application at a time on your Android phone. Sometimes managing them becomes hectic and also they slow down your phone performance. So, at this stage Advanced Task Killer is ther to save you from all the trouble you are gonna face.


Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile PhoneThis app is used as a  software in computers. You can capture your ideas, Inspiration and work on the go using evernote It is a very small and handy tet noting down utility. You can use it very easily on the go noting down and reading your notes. Also, the ones you have saved on your Desktop PC.

Google Earth :

Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile PhoneWho is unaware of google earth. Today almost all the Android cell phones comes with a 3G support and you can have a mind blowing surfing spped using your 3G Android phone. Google Earth app loves surfing speed and it can help you in any corner of the world with internet connectivity.

Opera Mini

Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile PhoneA Final Version of Opera Mini for Android has been relaesed very back. Also, its have a supper data compression which gives you control over your rising bill. Its supports tab browsing, download manager, opera link and many new introduced features.


Top 5 Android Apps for your Android Mobile PhoneIf you are very much tired searching a wifi internet spot around you then this little app is for you. It has a worl wide wifi network and also its spots and finds out the available internet connection around you over wifi and easily gets connected to it. It have an IM also for you buddies.

For more information on the above android apps and downloading them, Click on their names.