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Top 10 Health & Fitness Android Apps For Your Smartphones

I gained some extra weight in past few months, because I was daily sitting for 10-12 hours in front of my computer and hardly had exercise from long time. This habit got in in trouble & I got little fat because of just eating & no work out at all. So, I started seeking some health & fitness apps in Android App markets. My search was really a worth & I found some really good apps that not only guide me through this weight loss training but will also help me in maintaining my health & fitness.

After using them for quite a while I have compiled this list of Health & Fitness applications for android smartphones, which I personally think best for every purpose related to health & maintaining your fitness.

Top 10 Android Health & Fitness Apps


This is a very greeat app previously only available fro iPhone have recently joined the Android Apps Market. It contains more than 160 exercise that help you keep up with your work out routine & help you in avoiding weight loss plateaus. We can track progress as well create custom work outs based on our needs.

Cost: $1.99  | Download iFitness

Beer Gut Fitness

This interesting app is for those who consume lot of alcohol, it tells you what you can do to burn those extra calories . beer gut app let you know which type of drink have what number of calories & shows exact exercises to reduce those extra beer fats.

Cost: $0.99  | Download Beer Gut Fitnes

Food & Nutrition

This health app will give you information on different foods and diet. This is easy & simple to use. You’ll get information about thousands of types of food & its impact on your health. Better for those who wish to decide their diets properly.

Cost: Free  | Download Food & Nutrition

Endomondo Sports Tracker App

This android app is for those who wish to calculate their out side work out like skating, cycling, jogging or walking. It can sync playlist,  tracks the distance using the maps online. It is very helpful for daily workout & finding out how your workout is helping you. You can compare it with previous history.

Cost: Free  | Download Endomondo Sports Tracker

AllSport GPS:

This is similar to Endomondo  & find out calories burned, speed, time and more. It basically using GPS to keep tarck of your outdoor fitness work outs. And you can also share this stats with friends.

Cost: $9.99  | Download AllSport GPS

Racing for CardioTrainer

This app is motivating you to work out more & more & compares with your history to increase your work. It improve against yourself & great for you if you are bit lazy to spend time working.

Cost: $2.99  | Download Racing for CardioTrainer


Simple tracking & workout that can create custom work outs for you & keep statistics of your work out. It will also show you some exercises for daily routine.

Cost: $2.99  | Download FitSync

Absolute Fitness

Now this is real good app I find pretty much helpful because it lets you set fitness goals, put together a custom designed workout, and control calorie consumption. This app also includes nutrition data of all foods, drinks & help you to analyse of where you are at with cholesterol, sodium, protein etc. So this is combination of 2-3 apps mentioned above.

Cost: $4.99  | Download Absolute Fitness

Soleil Organics

People looking for organic diet to maintain their health & fitness – this app is absolutely best for you. It gives you so much information on  food labeling, and helps you optimize your shopping choices for organic fitness.

Cost: $0.99 | Download Soleil Organics

Sleep Music

Good amount of sleep is must even if you do no workout. It will give you so much energy & freshness. So this nice sleep music app is useful for this purpose of proper sleeping for energy & weight loss. For people facing problems in relaxing and falling asleep, this Android app can help you a lot. It is specially designed for avoiding the avoid insomnia & help you sleep well with soothing music.

Cost: Free   | Download Sleep Music

Fast Food Calorie Counter

For guys like me who eats lot of fast food outside for number of times in  a week, this Fast food calorie counter will let you know about which junk food contains what amount of calorie & help you in optimizing your effort to reduce extra weight.

Cost: $1.99 | Download Fast Food Calorie Counter