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Swipe Float X78 Android Tablet Hands On Review – Budget Android ICS Tab!

While most of the consumers opting in for cheaper 7 inch tablets compared to high quality ones due to the major difference being the price over quality,  I personally always recommend a friend to go for cheapest out there. But you have to make sure following three things are always at decent levels –

  1. Good Quality Capacitive Touch screen
  2. At least 1GHz Processor
  3. And enough battery backup of at least 5-6 hours.

Based on all above factors, I have made sure that following Swipe X78 Float hands on review is covered with the most details.

Swipe Float X78 Android ICS Tab Review

Physical Appearance

Swipe Float X78 is nice and thin looking tab with light weight form factor, which is quite similar to 7 inch Galaxy Tab when you see from front. But the back of the tablet is silver plated hard metal cover, and on top there is a separation panel with cheaper looking silver metal patch made for Wi Fi Signal.

As you can see the images below, there are volume rocker keys, screen lock and power button on left side of the tablet, which are well merged within the body of the Swipe X78. For power & volume buttons this location is little odd but you will get used to it in very little time.

On Bottom, you will find microUSB charging point, 3.5mm headphone jack , mic& microSD card slot expandable up to 32GB. And only one silver slot for speaker is available on back, which performs poorly for music, but there is always a option of using headphones.

Android ICS & User Experience

Stock Android 4.0 ICS is installed on Swipe X78 Tablet, which looks impressive and performs on average level. As X78 comes with 1.5 GHz BoxChip A-13 processor, it does not perform as expected and force closes few apps from the start up. The performance for this overall feels like using 600MHz processor and 256 RAM. But when it comes to gaming, the true power shows up as this tab is capable of playing very high end and resource intensive games almost flawlessly. Internal 8GB Memory is great for running intensive application to run without any lags.

Multitasking works decent and you can quickly switch between the apps using the on-screen touch enabled buttons. This tab comes with more than popular 30+ preloaded apps and games, which is great for those without internet access. And well, you will always have the choice to download number of apps from Google Play store as well.

Just in case if you do not have internet, many of the apps like Maps will crash just after you start the tablet. And the apps which need updates like Adobe Reader will crash badly as well. So After buying this tab make sure you have Wi Fi Availability at least for few hours.

The microUSB slot on bottom lets you access 3G via dongle but I am not sure how many people carry their tablets with a hanging dongle around city? But well, at least you have the option and that’s very useful at few times.

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Multimedia & Battery Life

Music on this Swipe X78 sucks big time, as the in-built speakers performs poorly. So if you are planning to watch movies on this, make sure you use the headphones.

Videos performs really well even if they are in HD, and of course the major factor here is the 1.5GHz processor. Thanks to the 480×800 resolution display videos as well as images looks sharp and clearer on this Swipe Tablet.

Even though this Android ICS powered tab uses 3000 mAh Lithium – Polymer battery, it does not lives up to the expectation. The tab runs for 4-5 hours for general tasks but if you constantly surf and browse you will need more than one charge in a day run. Compared to its competitors in the low end tablet market, this tab have impressive battery life overall for average user.

Display, Browsing & Multi-touch Experience

Swipe Float X78 comes with 7 inch TFT Capacitive touch screen with 800 x 480 pixels,  that support 5 points multi-touch and pinch to zoom. Though it is not the best available in the market but not the worst as well. Multi touch recognition is good and it totally shows up playing resource intensive games. But the pinch to zoom is lags a lot in every application.

Browsing on X78 is pretty good as long as you are not looking for lot of pinch to zooming. The stock android ICS browser performs good but you might want to shift to third party browsers like Dolphin HD or UCWeb for the best experience.

Touch Screen is the factor where most of the cheap tablets under 10,000 Rs suffer a lot, due to cheap hardware, and Swipe x78 is no exception.  Tablet sometime needs hard pressing but rest of the time it works pretty well. I

In-fact touch experience changes from app to app – like while typing with on-screen keyboards its good, gaming its best for general home screen swiping and tapping touch screen lags badly. For the price, you can’t expect anything more than this experience and as I said for major tasks it performs really great.

Swipe Tablet Gameplay Video

I made one quick video to show you guys, how great Swipe X78 performs on resource intensive game, but somehow the video got crappy after converting it, Will reupload the revamped one soon.

Is Swipe Float X78 Worth Buying?

Yes, for its cheap price point of Rs.7000, it is worth buying for gaming, videos and book reading. But if you are planning for full time browsing, you should consider something else.


The tablet is thin and have good form factor that you can carry around for gaming and decent multimedia experience. The tab moderately lags while multi-tasking for no reason and touch screen suffers on home-screen at few times. But if you are planning to buy Swipe Float X78 as additional gadget for casual browsing and gaming, you should go for it!

Swipe Float X78 is Better Than – Every 1 GHz Tablet out there which comes under 10K,

Alternate Best Choice will be – Micromax Funbook (Price –Rs. 6999 & better touchscreen than swipe.)

Best Buy in This Category – Samsung Galaxy Tab at Rs. 19, 300 (Damn expensive!)

Overall Ratings – 6/10

Price in India- Rs.7000