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Riddle Me This Android Game Review: Challenging Word Puzzles On Smartphones!

Remember the old word puzzle game I am sure everyone has played? One where you try to signal out a word using other relevant term, and your partner guesses it. Well, Now you can enjoy the same excitement and challenge in it’s all new Android Avatar game called Riddle Me This!


Riddle Me This Android Game Review

As I said, this game presents you with challenging word puzzles one after another and you have to solve the words to move to next level. A very straight-forward and simple looking user interface of this game leads you directly into the challenges, and trust me you will have hard time solving most of them.

1You are basically presented with 4 words that relate to the puzzle, you get blank slots you can choose to fill with number of letters available below them, and you are supposed to sequence it, in order to achieve the correct answer points. The game starts of easier, but as we move along it will take challenges to harder levels.

2You can use optional hints to make your play simpler sometime, and share your challenges on social networks as well.

There are close to 150 brain-teasing levels, you can play with, it’s a great place to learn new words as well as improve your vocabulary.  You can play this game in a short amount of time, and is a great informative time killer without any ads and completely free!


Overall, I will highly recommend this game for any Android device user, but specially for the fans of word puzzles because ‘Riddle Me This’ game is very addictive and have high replay value.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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