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PicApp Bar Android App Review – Know Where Is The Perfect Party Tonight!

How many times have you planned to have great party but it got ruined  and you thought I should have got to be somewhere else? Well, There is a great Android app that will assist you with this situation and finds a perfectly rocking party for you even before you go near it –PicApp Bar!

A really cool app comes with a simple interface and delivers as it promises, though there is no special sign-up needed, you are connected via your Facebook account to get friends and events information.

And as the name suggests, app shows you where the are all the parties are going to be along with Facebook events hosted by your pals, and with pictures you get to see who is attending where. Now this can be used in a really great way because, you might wanna go with some special group of people or might want to avoid some, it all depends on your specific interest in knowing  who is going where!

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The app lets you see a list of partied with information like number of girls/guys attending the party with the girls/guys ratio. You can then very quickly view photos of all the girls attending the party in simple image boxes kind of effect and you can do the same with guys as well. The photo gallery is the most promising factor you get with PicApp Bar, as you can scroll through all the profile images really quickly and you can decide about the party within 5-10 minutes.

The great thing about this PicApp Bar app is it’s totally Free, so I would recommend this app to all the party animals as a must have app. Also with a really worth $0.99 upgrade that lets you view full Facebook profiles, high-resolution photos & easy navigation to full Facebook profiles as well!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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