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Password Protect Your Android Apps With App Lock [Free]

The very first thing we do with our cool new android smartphone is to load it with lot of apps that we use much. But there are some apps which needs to be secured from other’s access. Even if  you let anyone use your phone, and you want some specific apps to be secured from other users then here I have a great Android App you would need the most – App Lock

Features of The App Lock Android App

  • Prevent access to any application by executable’s file-name.
  • You can Secure any installed applications with a password.
  • Helps protect your data from other users.
  • Compatible to all android devices.
  • Any application can be added to this app
  • This application is completely FREE

Following is the screenshot of the apps that are secured by the App Lock Android Application

App Lock Android apps password protect

This is how it asks for password, whenever anyone try to access the secured app by App lock.

App Lock Android Application Security App

So this is very simple and powerful app for your android smartphone. It is little annoying to enter password every time you wanted to use your favorite apps, But it gives enhanced security for any number of apps you want. Note that Once  you have installed the app, it automatically locks the Gmail app and your phone’s settings with the default password ’8888?, which can be changed later.

I would recommend this to every android users who stores all his personal passwords in their smartphones.

Install App Lock  Application From Here