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Opera Browser For Android: Complete Review Of The Final Build!

When Android smartphones started penetrating the smartphone market, they instantly created buzz thanks to only two things – It’s Powerful Browser & App Market to compete with other rivals. Since that time, Android’s native browser was my favorite browser for many years until, few innovative browsers like dolphin came out.

The simplicity was the factor that helped Android’s native browser to rule the smartphone world in past few years, and yesterday,  when Opera announced its final build, in their efforts to deliver a completely new experience for all Android users, I took a ride and presenting this review for you.

A Little Tour of Opera Browser From Mobiles To Android 

If you are not aware, even before Android was into planning Opera was one of the best browsers on many mobile phone brands that used Java platform. And the compression technology Opera used, made browsing faster even on a lower speed first generation data speeds in India at that time. With Opera for Android, the company has put their heart and soul to bring the exactly same experience in the new improved 2G and 3G powered smartphone environment to you. And I won’t forget to mention that this Opera is 100% brand new browser than what you have experienced before, as it has been developed all over again!

Redesigned Interface

The interface has been migrated from its traditional opera look for a better and cleaner browsing experience for all the Android users. And as I have mentioned before they have kept it as simple as possible but underneath its beautiful first impression, lies a beast ready to process your webpages and download content in a lightning fast speeds. The speed dial has app like interface that looks sleek on any type of display resolution and makes easier to access the things, that you love . The big logo button on top-right gives you access to rest of browser’s features like off-road option , history & settings. Opera For Android - New Interface Off-Road Mode (Data Saving)

While most of the big browser companies are focusing on rich content on internet, Opera’s team has made their Android version for the needs of masses. As most of us know, except for Wi Fi, 2G reception still suffers for 60% of consumers. Also, 3G connectivity is not available while travelling to remote places as well. So basically, most of the times when you do have the time to use that data connection of your smartphone, your browser gives up trying to load big websites on slower connection.

Opera for Android brings all new feature to browsing world, named – ‘Off-road.’ In this mode, the compression of webpages happens on Opera servers and it delivers directly to your smartphone.  This mode does two things for you – loads faster on slow connection and saves unbelievable amount of data from 30 to 70%, which is visible through Off-road settings. No doubt, this one is the best feature I am recommending Opera for Android for all users out there.


Save For Later

If you have used Read it Later or Pocket before, Opera now integrates the same functionality in the browser itself. You can now save all newly discovered pages, photos, videos in this ‘Save for later’ feature.

History, Tabbed Browsing & Search Combo

With the easily accessible history mode, you can quickly return to that page you saw earlier today. Just swipe your finger to the right to access the content on the left of your home screen. Tabbed browsing is an essential feature for any browser out there, and Opera has made sure to embed it in its final build for Android. The address bar of Opera for Android is also a Search bar, which makes it a great combo as we see in PC with all browsers like Chrome or Firefox. This comes in really handy, and saves time find things you like.

Customizable Navigation Bar

Do you like your navigation buttons at the top of the page or at the bottom? Go to Settings and select what feels most natural to you.


Discover feature

Opera for Android allows you to dive in to  a world of new content on your Android devices. Finding new and inspiring articles is just a swipe away on your home screen. Opera has selected relevant global and regional sources, giving you the hottest news about the things that interest you most.

Video Tour of Opera For Android


Apart from being a redesigned to fit the need of this new generation of communications, Opera for Android browser has become more mature, innovative and operates on low resources. It not just help you survive the bad connection speeds but lets you dive in to rich content in a smoother & lighter environment. I am pretty sure if you try this browser once, you will never go back to anything else that you are using right now!

Download Opera For Android