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Now, An App For Vehicle Safety When Driven Or Parked Anywhere

People are often concerned about their vehicle when they go for a drive and park it somewhere. You never know what’s happening to your Car / Bike when you park it somewhere and walk away. Sometimes people leave a sticky note with their phone number written [“Call at this number if there is any issue related to this vehicle”] in the vehicle to ensure their vehicles safety.

Not any longer…. the first-of- its-kind app, which just did a national launch  to save many a vehicle owner like you perched from such concerns can’t be named anything but “DaddysRoad”.

This mobile application helps a user to stay connected to their vehicle always. With this app, people can notify owners/users when their vehicle requires an attention, without disclosing any personal details of either party. Users don’t have to be online to get the alert notifications. Upon being offline, the same get notified as SMS. Users can also tag their vehicles with DaddysRoad QR Code sticker and let others know that they are connected through this app. This QR Code containing the vehicle registration number data is uniquely generated for each vehicle and the same can be scanned using this mobile app to notify vehicle user.

Presently during road accidents or emergency situations, informing the victims dear ones about the incident is very difficult. With the help of this app, in such situations anyone can key in the vehicle number and inform about the situation immediately to victims emergency contacts. This is not the only feature of the app developed by the Bangalore-based youngsters.

With this app, the vehicle documents (Driving License, RC Book, Insurance Certificate, Emission Control Certificate, Purchase Bills etc…) can be smartly stored on its SSL secured cloud storage. So just in case you forget to carry the documents, they can have it handy in their smart phones for any verifications/references or as proof of ownership. Users can also set renewal alerts for their vehicle insurance, emission expiry and vehicle service related alerts.

The way it came…..

Couple of years back one of the app founders friend met with a vehicle accident in Mysore. People and authorities who helped did struggle to find his contacts and inform about the accident. This incident triggered the thought for such a mobile application which is currently available for Android and iOS users.

There are scores of vehicle registration, car locating and parking apps, but they are not designed for contacting/notifying the vehicle users. DaddysRoad on the contrary, is specifically designed for your vehicles safety by taking into consideration of our cities and roads and much more.

The app works by way of data integration with full guarantee of privacy and SSL data protection. This will also come in handy for the traffic police for informing owners who have left their vehicles in no-parking areas if the government decides to make use of it. This will be the future of the Indian road transport if the government comes forward to integrate the backend of this mobile app with its system.