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Live Puzzle! Forest Animals Android Game Review – Free Puzzle Game For Kids

When it comes to selecting game for kids, Android users are mostly looking for something fun and engaging, but there are few developers out there who are working on games, that are not just entertaining but help your kids explore new things , develop imagination and improve the overall concentration. We are going to review one such free Android game today, called –Live Puzzle! Forest Animals.

Live Puzzle! Forest Animal Game Review

First of all, don’t judge this game yet only because it’s a puzzle, and your children might already have a collection of these in their cupboards. Unlike any other puzzles available digitally or physically, this one has live imagery that you need to connect.Live-Puzzle-Forest-Animals-Android-Game-1

All the parts of this live puzzle are animated and are even more fun that dull, static puzzles. This game in particular have forest animals that are making movement across all the misplaced tiles, and player is supposed to place them at right places.The best part about these animated puzzle is, after you solving the puzzle successfully, the animated character makes unique move that will make your kids feel little extra special. To keep it educational, the name of the animal and where it exists around the world, is also displayed with the completed puzzle.

‘Live Puzzle! Forest animals’ is whole package of entertainment that indirectly helps your kids learn analyzing, concentration, problem solving, eye-hand coordination, which is perfectly ideal for pre-school & kindergarten kids. More importantly developers has put a lot of research in their game, because it has been developed by company specialized to create apps/games for curious kids named – Kidoteca!


There are different level your kids can play this game with and after accomplishing all the puzzles, they unlock a hidden difficulty  mode, that increases the overall replay value of this game.

On visual front, this game is designed intuitively suit all the sizes of Android smartphone or tablets, that looks attractive and engaging for kids of any age. And being a 100% free game, they are not putting in any Ads, in-app purchases or any annoying data collection tools, kids can experience the game at its fullest.


Overall, this game is a very is definitely worth downloading & I would recommend this for all parents, no matter what your kid’s age is!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Live Puzzle Forest Animals Game Here