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Letv Announces Le 1s Superphone And 120-inch Umax Super Tv

Beijing, China, Oct 27, 2015,: Letv launches its latest smartphone, the Le 1s and the world’s largest 3D 4K HDTV, the 120-inch uMax Super TV. The Le 1s is the world’s first flagship phone with an all-metal body, along with fingerprint ID and fast charging technology. As part of its seamless design experience, it features no visible screws. “Letv’s new products reflect the needs and aspirations of all our customers with the high-performance Le 1s phone at a breakthrough sub- 1099 RMB—and also a luxurious 120-inch Super TV that appeals to ambitions of all our customers,” Letv founder and CEO Jia Yueting said. Letv also announced updates on its “SEE” (Super Electric Ecosystem) Program, including completing its strategic positioning in the Internet EV industry, and creating an integrated closed-loop ecosystem for product lifecycle management. He also gave details about Letv’s investment in Yidao Yongche and updates on the Aston Martin partnership.

Le 1s: Breaking the Barrier with Unparalleled Performance and Style

The Le 1s features a bezel-less design, all-metal body housing a Mediatek flagship Helio X10 Turbo octa-core processor, 3GB RAM, 32GB storage, a thin and crisp in-Cell screen, and a reversible USB Type-C with fast-charging SpeedVolt technology. Its camera features 0.09-second fast and accurate PDAF technology, and Le 1s introduces the world’s first mirror fingerprint sensor “Le Touch” that can double as a camera shutter button. Le 1s is preinstalled with the EUI 5.5 operating system, providing seamless access to Letv’s world-class ecosystem and content services. Le 1s will be jointly launched at and in China on Nov 3, available for 1099 RMB.

The Le 1s breaks new boundaries in cost/performance—beating both lower-end and flagship phones, bringing the price of all-metal flagship phones with fingerprint and fast charging technology down to the 1000+ range, and providing a standard “3GB + 32GB” memory and storage configuration, as well as introducing mirror fingerprint technology, to 1000+ phones.

Le 1s is also the first phone to be sold at a price lower than its cost, once again revolutionizing Letv’s own model of price below production cost. Letv also launched its new CP2C 3.0 and O2O 2.0 models, providing value for users across the industry chain, ushering in a new era of ecosystem services. On the supply side, Letv upgraded its old model of “flash sales + pre-order” to a “current stock + pre-order” sales model, which more clearly reflects the relationship between consumer demand and supply capabilities. The sales channels shall remain open on a long-term basis, and customers can continue to purchase the product. Pre-orders will be taken once in-stock inventory is sold out. In addition, the device will no longer be bundled with Letv membership.letv-le-1s-smartphoneAt the April 14 event earlier this year, Letv launched three Le Superphones, and since then, sales have exceeded 1 million units, the fastest among all new brands to break the million-unit sales threshold. In the first month after its launch, Le 1 became the sales champion among 1500-2000 RMB phones, bringing flagship phones to the 1500+ price range; Le Max became the sales champion among 3000+ RMB phones for two consecutive months; Le Max was also the online sales leader for 3000+ RMB Chinese-brand phones for two consecutive months after its launch. In the 6 months after its launch, the Letv Le Superphone redefined mobile phones with its ecosystem model, pushing the industry from the smart phone era into the ecosystem era. The success of the Le Superphone serves as a compelling example of the brilliance of the Letv ecosystem.

Disrupting Cinema with the new 120-inch Super TV uMax

At the event, Letv also launched the world’s first 120-inch 3D 4K HDTV, the uMax Super TV. The uMax 120 carries the world’s only 10th generation Sharp SDP 120-inch 4K panel, utilizing the industry-leading 4K smart TV chip Mstar 6A928, quad core 1.4GHz and quad core Mali T760 top-level flagship GPU, supports 60-frame H.265/HEVC format 4K video hardware decoding, with built-in 3GB RAM and 32GB new standard 16nm technique eMMC5.0 high-speed flash memory. Manufactured by Foxconn to meet exceedingly high-quality standards, the uMax 120 is meticulously crafted by hand, due to its size and weight.

The uMax 120 is priced at 499,900 RMB, the ultimate luxury for discerning customers. Letv will provide customized ecosystem services to these customers: 1. Exclusive club membership (limited to 1000 members globally), membership+ referral system to ensure exclusivity and safeguard membership privileges; 2. The chance to experience and purchase the Letv Electric Vehicle before anyone else; 3 Free Harman/Kardon amplifier (an RMB50,000 value) +JBL 7.1 sound-track home-theater stereo; 4. Lifetime Letv premium membership.

Letv Electric Vehicle on track to appear at the Beijing auto show next year

Within a year of announcing the “SEE Program,” Jia Yueting shared updates regarding Letv’s automobile strategy, reiterating a partnership with Aston Martin; an investment in Dianzhuang Technology Co. and; and current updates on its own smart electric vehicle platform. “The Letv auto ecosystem strategy is comprehensive and our R&D is fully independent, enabling us to uniquely redefine industry boundaries with significant partnerships—at every level of the automotive industry. Within two years, our plans for a closed-loop ecosystem with open features is being realized and recognized by the industry,” said Jia Yueting.

With these efforts and partnerships, Letv is entering into every aspect of the auto industry, and is poised to lead the Internet of Vehicles—on a global scale. Ding Lei, co-founder, global Vice Chairman and China/Asia Pacific CEO of Le Auto, shared details of the first EV model, including that it has completed testing in the U.S., and that it will be revealed at the Beijing Auto Show next year. The Le Auto global R&D team continues to gain momentum, with over 700 employees worldwide—400 in the U.S. alone.

EUI 5.5 Setting the Standard for Ecosystem Access Across Devices

At the event, Letv also launched the updated version of the world’s EUI 5.5, redefining boundaries of the mobile Internet available across TV, mobile phone—and car. Only Letv’s ecosystem offers connectivity and seamless transition between boundaries.

The EUI 5.5 system for Le 1s and uMax introduce multi-desktops, a feature that simultaneously displays content and reduces the need for flipping between apps, across TV/movies, sports, games, shopping and more. EUI 5.5 introduces several major breakthroughs, breaking boundaries among messages, calendar and video; calendar, notes and e-mail; video and audio; wall paper and works of “Starcasts;” lifestyle services and content; and all components of the ecosystem—achieving perfect synergy of software, hardware, platform, content and application.

EUI 5.5 is a fluid, mobile-first experience that dynamically adapts to user behavior, making it easier than ever to access content and features across devices and applications.