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Lean Audit Android App Review – Take Control of Your Business Audit!

Do you own a business you need rework upon to improve its worth? Or you are an engineer looking to audit the firm’s technical assets for improved efficiency?  Today, I am going to review one such app that makes taking heavy business audits a ‘piece of cake’ – Lean Audit!

Lean Audit Android App Review

This app is a comprehensive tool that lets you dig in to the existing infrastructure of  your business for improvisation. The tool can be used to audit or benchmark performance of an business in very high level of details. As many of the local business are even taking advantage of sms business through their smartphones, its time you should get a bitadvanced technology for your business audit.

The app has set of questions classified according to your aim of conducting the audit & developer has studied every core needs of business no matter which industry you belong to.

All you have to do is select the type of audit you are willing to conduct from dropdown menu, then Industry & then Country. The app then takes you to tour of multiple choice questions, you have to read and answer carefully for accurate results.

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After you finish the audit successfully, Lean Audit App lets you access all the benchmarks compared with standard industry practice and shows you what exactly you need to improve upon ranging from human resource allocation to efficiency of the production line process.

As I said, accuracy depends on your thorough research and answers about the business. Major Audit takes more than a hour and need you to go through 100+ questions & checklists where as you can take a quick audit every month of every week that takes only 10 minutes to see your improvements regularly.

The score displayed by the app is mostly fairly accurate and you can use it as a standalone audit tool. Checking efficiency, management performance, workers allocation & effective benchmarks are delivered seamlessly using Lean Audit.

The app has intuitive UI & can be easily understood by new user. It works fluidly on wide range of Android Smartphones on variety of screen sized devices. There is no lag in delivering the benchmarks at all on all 3 devices we tested the app with very different hardware.

I would highly recommend this app to Engineers, Managers & Business Owners to measure quality, efficiency, delivery, readiness, organization, rationalization on a 5-point scale. The app costs just over a dollar & is totally worth for any kind of business which is seeking improvements and want to keep record of important audits.

Cost : $1.04

Ratings : 5/5

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