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Idol Words Android Game Review: Addictive Word Puzzle Game For Android Users!

When it comes to brain teasers, word puzzles are always the first choice of any gamer, and for iPhone & iPad, there is no other best puzzle game than Idol Words!

word_puzzle_android_game_1Idol Words App Review

While this game stands out due to its classic temple based puzzle graphics, at its core it remains a challenging word puzzle that is fun as well.

There are several modes you can play with, but playing against an online opponent is most enjoyable out of all. You can find words in one direction, multi-directions but it should always be fast-paced to beat the score table.

word_puzzle_android_game_2Apart from classic ‘find a word challenge’, you can also play the two minute challenge that is fun to play as well. Both player has to play 3 rounds of two minute, which will decide the winner.

Playing at several temples will allot you glorious coins from that place, which later can be used to purchase the game boosts, you can enjoy to score higher and higher. Some of the powerful booster lineup includes . Freeze Time, Flip the Board & even a 4X score multiplyer as well.


The user interface of this game beats every other word puzzle I have played before, and a the ancient temple theme is quite enjoyable all the time. The addictive music, and environment will keep you engaged for hours and gameplay experiences like two-minute challenge will help you get through a small time frame. The game works perfectly on modern Android smartphones and tablets, and online gameplay has no glitches at all.

word_puzzle_android_game_4Overall, this game is highly recommended for Android users who love love puzzles and want to test their vocab with friends & family!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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