How to Fix Snapchat Not Sending Snaps Error

One of the most widely used apps for staying in touch with friends and family is Snapchat. Undoubtedly, the app has made sharing routine moments enjoyable and simple. When you and your friends send each other photos and videos on a regular basis, you develop a snap streak.

You can’t ignore Snapchat’s impact on users, despite the fact that services like Instagram and Twitter dominate the social media landscape. The platform’s users adore it for its disappearing messages, stories, and photos, making it popular with young audiences. When you keep getting errors while sending a snap, a problem arises. Here’s how to repair the Snapchat bug that prevents messages from being sent on Android and iPhone.

The majority of users use Snapchat to share ordinary life moments with friends and family. When Snapchat isn’t transmitting Snaps, that must be annoying. You could be asking yourself right now, “Why won’t my Snaps send?” Various circumstances, such as a shaky Internet connection, may be to blame for this issue. We’ll go through  fixes for Snapchat not transmitting Snaps in this post, which applies to both Android and iPhone smartphones.

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What You Should Know About Snapchat

You cannot deny the influence of Snapchat, despite the fact that social media giants like Twitter and Instagram greatly dominate the market. Gen Z and millennials both love it a lot. With over 306 million daily users, Snapchat is renowned for the conversation privacy it provides.

After 24 hours, messages, tales, and Snaps vanish unless the sender or recipient saves them in chat. Other amazing amusement choices include the Snap Map, Bitmojis, interactive quizzes, filters, etc. Let’s look at what might be causing Snapchat to stop sending and how to solve it.

Configure Snapchat to send snaps again

Snaps that are not sent on Snapchat can occur for a variety of reasons snapchat not sending snaps. Here, we’ll discuss both the iOS and Android operating systems. Here are  efficient solutions to fix Snapchat when it stops transmitting Snaps if you are experiencing this issue.

The Recipient Blocks You on Social Media

Like every other social media platform, Snapchat enables users to remove friends from their friend lists.

check snapchat friends list

Consider a situation in which a person you were friends with on Snapchat has unfriended you for an unknown reason. You can still technically send the other person a snap, but they won’t see it until they add you back to their friend list. You can check your current friend list by going to your profile and selecting My Friends.

Grant the necessary permissions

To send snaps, Snapchat employs the mobile device’s built-in camera. To access the camera on your phone, you must provide the app the necessary permissions. How? Read on.

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  • Open the app info menu by long-pressing the Snapchat app icon on Android. Open the Permissions menu and turn on the Snapchat camera.
  • iPhone users can launch the Settings app and select Snapchat by scrolling down. To get Snapchat to open the camera viewfinder to send snaps, enable the camera from the menu below.

enable camera permission on iPhone

Enable Snapchat’s mobile data (iPhone)

Snapchat can be a data hog with its stories, snaps, and other data-intensive features. It’s possible that you turned off the mobile data toggle in the iPhone’s Snapchat settings. The app won’t be able to send photographs if that’s the case. If  snapchat not sending snaps it must be turned on from the settings menu options as follows:-

  • Launch the iPhone’s Settings app.
  • Access Snapchat by descending.
  • Tap it, then select the toggle for mobile data from the list that appears.


Verify the servers of Snapchat

You may experience various issues throughout the app if Snapchat servers are having a bad day (which happens occasionally). No messages, snaps, stories, or other types of communication will be sent or received by users.

You may look up Snapchat on Downdetector. If there are significant indignation rises, Snapchat’s problem is confirmed.

Nothing needs to be done by you. Let Snapchat handle the problem on their end. From the official Snapchat account on Twitter, you may view the most recent changes.

Force Snapchat to close (Android)

The software performs better on the iPhone than on Android, despite Snapchat’s renewed focus on the Android operating system.

  • You can force close all operations and reopen the Snapchat Android app if you are experiencing bugs. What you must do is as follows.
  • Open the app information menu by long-pressing the Snapchat icon. Press Force Stop, then attempt to transmit the snap once more.

force stop snapchat

Delete your Snapchat history

Snapchat gathers cache in the background, just like any other Android app, to speed up page loads and other stored data. An overabundance of this cache data can cause problems like Snapchat not transmitting snaps. To access the app info menu, long-tap the Snapchat symbol.

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  • Select Clear cache under Storage and cache.

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  • As Snapchat starts to load everything from scratch, you might start to notice longer loading times going forward. However, sending snaps should now begin to function. It’s a compromise.
  • You can use the Clear Cache option under Snapchat Settings > Account Actions on an iPhone.

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 Refresh Snapchat

The Snapchat app is frequently updated with new functionality and bug fixes. Your phone’s Snapchat app may be out-of-date if it isn’t sending snaps. Start sending snaps once more by downloading the most recent version of Snapchat from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Wrapping Up: Send Snaps on Snapchat

Are you using a sluggish Wi-Fi connection to send Snapchats? As a result, Snapchat might stop sending snaps or snapchat not sending snaps .You cannot send snaps if someone has blocked you.

Work through the troubleshooting steps listed above if Snapchat isn’t transmitting your snaps. I hope these solutions can help you with your problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Why don’t Snaps deliver data?

You can try turning on airplane mode and reconnecting to the network again if Snapchat isn’t sending Snaps over mobile data. Disabling VPN may also be beneficial.

Q2. When I have Wi-Fi, why aren’t my Snaps sent?

If you are unable to send Snaps when connected to Wi-Fi, you can check to see if the network is active and confirm that Snapchat has been granted data access.



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