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Free Carrier IQ Detector App Is Launched For Android Smartphones

Recently you might have heard about the buzz on Carrier IQ smart phone tracking issues which has raised the fear in the Android, BlackBerry, Windows and iOS device users that their moves are being recorded. Here is a smart application which will reveal that whether the tracking software is active on your device or not.

This solution has come up from an Android app developer who responded to the recent buzz on Carrier IQ controversy. The app is competent enough to detect the tracking software running on your smart phone.

Carrier IQ Detector

This free app can be downloaded from this link and you can examine your handset to find out whether your device has the tracking application or not.

The app which provides your device a detection score is still under development with developer “Supercurio” who admitted that there is much more to be done to achieve 100 percent accuracy. The creator says he is looking for development collaboration in order to improve the success rate and accuracy level of the app.

The Carrier IQ’s software has created huge fear, when it was reveal that it might be installed on many of the operating system and might spy your keystrokes, SMS messages and many more activities.

The company says that it is just s simple diagnostics approach and there are still lots more to be done on the quality aspect and to understand various issues in device and to provide ultimate user experience.

This app can help you to reveal whether your device is being tracked or not, but there is no solution developed to remove the tracking software from the device. For the time being that can only be done through rooting your device.

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