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Forget about USB! 6 Applications For Easy File Sharing Between Devices

It is not difficult to believe, today we live in the “cloud” era. Almost all the vital things we need are stored on such cloud services as Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, iCloud, Google Photos, Evernote, Keep, Play Music, Apple Music, Spotify and so on. This is not only convenient, but it eliminates the need to connect to a computer or laptop using a USB cable to transfer photos, music, documents and other files from a PC to a smartphone and vice versa (also check How to Download and Share Books on Google Play.)

Therefore, today it is much easier to connect your computer with a mobile device than it was several years ago. But still, there are people who, because of their habits, do not want to use cloud storage, fearing for the security of their files or simply not knowing how to do it. Fortunately for them, there are applications that allow you to send and receive any type of file between different types of devices, without the use of wires, USB cables, and cloud services. Today we will talk about the six best, in our opinion, similar applications.


Available for Android

This application is one of the oldest with similar functionality. It was developed and was created several years ago and throughout this time remains one of the best in the industry. The program allows you to connect to a computer to transfer files in both directions, but these are not all the advantages of this application. With it, you will be able to fully manage the Android device from your PC, including sending and receiving SMS, receiving notifications, editing all contacts, importing and exporting Android installation files and much more.


Available for Android and iOS

Another good application for file transfer. The functionality is very similar to AirDroid, but there is also a version for iOS, so it is suitable for owners of Apple devices. In addition to the ability to transfer files between devices, the program will allow you to work with SMS messages, read notifications that come to your smartphone, answer and make calls.


Available for Android and iOS

This application allows you to download and temporarily hold on your servers large files up to 10 GB, after downloading which, you can create a link to this file and distribute it to anyone you want. Or download this file yourself. The program has a convenient function to stop the download in order to then resume it from the same place. In our opinion, the program is one of the best for those who like to work with large files, such as movies in good resolution.


Available for Android and iOS

Infinit can be installed on any of your devices, and you can move files from one to another. The program works on the same principle as WeTransfer – files are temporarily uploaded to the Infinit server, after which they can be downloaded from there to the desired device. Convenience lies in the fact that it is not necessary that the two devices between which you want to exchange files must be turned on simultaneously.


Available for Android and iOS

Sunshine uses a slightly different approach to transferring files – instead of copying files from your devices, it allows you to get online access to them. For example, your iPad has a gallery of images, if Sunshine is installed on your Android device, you can access and copy the files you need. The convenience of the program lies in the fact that you can simply view photos and videos without having to copy them.


Available for Android

This program is able to transfer files from your computer to your Android smartphone quickly and easily. Simply download the program to your PC. After that, you can choose which files from your computer you need to transfer to your mobile device. To transfer files, you need a shared Wi-Fi network, which allows you to transfer very quickly. In addition, you can transfer multiple files or folders at once.

Let’s summerise – despite the fact that there are 6 applications, you don’t have to have them all on your device. Each of them has its own functions and features for the ability to share files so that everyone can choose what meets your interests. For those who are undecided, we recommend installing AirDroid, a simple and convenient application with many additional features. It has already been installed by more than 10 million users worldwide, and this is still an indicator. Want to learn more about useful apps for your gadget? Then, visit