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Epidemic X Android Game Review

When it comes to gaming on Android, we have testes some badass gun fight titles like Gun Bros & Time Killers like Fruit Ninja But this time we are trying a whole new genre of Android Gaming, that lets you end the world with your abilities to spread the diseases – Epidemic X!

Epidemic X Android Game Review

As the game starts you are presented with a world map in green and all you have to do is start infecting single country with some kind of virus & spread disease to highest level. At first, you have access to limited number of bad viruses that works out slowly. As you move forward infecting countries one by one, you can unlock numerous deadly viruses for faster infection.

In plain words, You are horsemen of diseases and want all world to end with deadly infections.

The disease can be airborne or waterborne  or  by animals, it’s all about the choices you make to spread the bad stuff around the world.  As you succeed in your task, one after other your account gets deposited with virtual money in dollars, and then you can upgrade your viruses and techniques using this money to conquer the world.

If you have played a popular browser-based game called Pandemic 2, this is a perfect tribute to it on Android OS. Theoretically though, this game and its concept are masterpiece, but when it comes to gameplay experience, it suffers badly.

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For a new gamer, there are no guidelines at all, to understand whether he should tap or use some buttons to play this game and I was struggling for few minutes myself for understanding it complete. A small dialogue box displays updates on your disease spreading activity and you can spread it via air, water or animal communication between the countries.

The conquered lands gets turned in to red and then you can start spreading this virus even more rapidly. There is a realistic and relaxed mode, which differs in speed with which all the activities takes place. There are big situations like end of world events like  Zombie Apocalypse and Wasteland earth as boss battles but you can only reach it by unlocking them.

Though the developer have fixed a lot of version, I am expecting them to come up with really informative help file may be with screenshots to let users understand what is going where. Otherwise their sincere efforts of developer to make this game will end up with bad experience. Also a little graphical improvement in all the game will make even more engaging.

Cost: $0.99

Rating: 2.5/5

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