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Android Ice Cream Sandwich Got Google Chrome Browser !

Android and Chrome together, isn’t it a great news; Google’s two most successful breed are now be experience together. This Tuesday, Google has released the Chrome web browser for its Android ICS mobile OS.

This new Chrome app server is basically an alternative to the Android web browser which is named, and it brings the chrome capabilities on the tablet and Android based phones.

Just like Android Browser App, the Chrome user can also be able to access “omnibox”, where website URL appears as a Google search box too.

Right now Chrome offers the tabbed browsing experience and along with it, you can also experience the capabilities of a private “Incognito” mode which in built-in feature when user want to surf the web without leaving the trail behind.

Among the features and capabilities which Chrome offers on Android at the moment, it enables the user to synchronize open tabs and bookmarks between the chrome mobile apps and the chrome browser you use it on PC. Along with this, it also offers the ability to open unlimited number of tabs on the Chrome, however the Chrome which comes with Android ICS lacks behind in offering support for the Adobe mobile Flash Player.

Google Chrome For Ice Cream Sandwich

Speed and Simplicity is the key factor of the Chrome which is developed for Android. Right now Chrome for Android follows the likability of the Desktop version of Chrome.

As per the announcement from the Vice President of Google,”They have tried to re-imagined the experience user gets on the larger screen tablet and they have tried to pour the same for the small screen smart phones. You can easily flip or swipe between the number of tabs using the defined gestures. It is just like you are holding deck of cards in your palm and each one is like a new window to the web.”

He also added that, “The Chrome app for the Android is more like the desktop version and have many similarities along with the layout and it is capable of offering the advantage of a tablet’s large screen, as well as on the smart phone display.”

So far, the Chrome is not available for any other version of Android and right now only ICS Android user will have the accessibility to the beta release of Chrome for Android.

ICS Android 4.0 is only available on Samsung Galaxy Nexus and on Asus Transformer Prime tablet. Which means only 1 percent of the Android users worldwide would have access to this new innovation from Google.

Well, for better view of the user experience and capabilities of Chrome on Android, you can have a look to the promotional video of Chrome Android App which is being released by Google.

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