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CallSnap 2.0 Android App Review : Reject Calls in Style!

We always face situations that we have to choose to decline the calls because we are busy doing something more important or may be just thatwe are busy. But what if you can reject the call in style? Well, you can do that now with the all new version of CallSnap!

CallSnap Android App Review 

This app brings a unique call reject button on your screen, when you receive a call and with a simple slide you can send a quick snap to your caller letting him know you are busy doing something more interesting.

CallSnap-1A quick slide to left will send them a quick photo, letting them know things visually & slide to right will send them custom voice message. CallSnap helps you save huge amount of important time, compared to any other traditional communication method you might be using right now.

Apart from a basic call decline, you can also customize your photo with the text, because you get all the option instantly after you reject the call. You can even quickly record  a message and let your friends, family or business contacts know your situation.

CallSnap-2Picture can definitely speak more than words. And this new version of CallSnap brings this exact phrase to life, letting your loved ones know about where you are busy, in a completely different way.

The newer version of this app is highly responsive, the user interface design is elegant and each and every function is now working more smoothly, no matter what kind of Android device you are using.

CallSnap-4Being a completely free app, I will highly recommend everyone to try this app at least once for its great productive features & new age customization options.

Cost: Free

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