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Bragger Android App Review – Most Unique Social Involvement App!

There are very few app developers out there working on something out of the box, something special yet different from regular categories like games, and messaging and news feed aggregation. Today, I am going to review one supreme app that gives you a way of rating yourself or others named Bragger!

Bragger Android App Review 

This app basically designed to measure your coolness based on your social activities on Facebook and additionally your calls and texts. And if you think it is like any other FB aggregation app, but let me tell you no, It’s not.  Bragger basically introduces you with yourself in-depth, all the essential information is collected and shown as your profile.

Right from, how much your interested in someone, your interests in specific zodiac sign people, genders and even who you are mostly communicating with. Similarly, Bragger aggregates the same data about your friends and contacts, and gives you better picture of the person you are interested in.

After the installation finishes, the apps ask you to log in via Facebook connect and it then starts syncing up your activities and contacts for creating profiles. If you have huge number of friends on FB like me, it took close to just 2-3 minutes to sync all the 1500+ contacts I had. Note that the data is not solely based on FB, as it deals with your contacts as well as texts on your device as well.

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So in its core, Bragger lets you see how cool you are among your pals, rank your friends, see their bio’s in very detailed form, analyse your own relationships with others and of course you can share everything on social platforms like FB or Twitter.

This Android app is designed very thoughtfully to be a next big social involvement measurement app and everything flows around your smartphone flawlessly. I must say, I haven’t seen this good-looking app on Android in a while. User interface has no learning curve, which is great for new user to ease in.

Overall, Bragger is a whole new way of communicating social and seeing things differently……… Literally! I willl highly recommend this all to all Android users, because its a great social experience and yeah, the lite version is totally Free!

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

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