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Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android App Review: Advanced Mobile Security From Snoopwall!

Most of the antivirus software to keep your devices clean by detecting and neutralizing malicious threats, but does not really protect your privacy for the apps or phone features you trust. Today I am going to review one true security app for Android devices that provides advanced mobile security by controlling port activities. This app is called – Antivirus Privacy Firewall!

Antivirus Privacy Firewall Android App Review

Some of you might be confused with my statement above, but if you are following recent revelations of the trusted hardware and software platforms recording and keeping track of your activities remotely, then Antivirus Privacy Firewall will give your device’s control back to you.

Android_Privacy_Firewall_3Developed by Snoopwall, who believes in delivering the world’s most advanced counter surveillance technology in the marketplace & protect personal devices of consumers, has made this amazing tool that is all in one security center which includes antivirus, Firewall & Privacy Control.

Android_Privacy_Firewall_2After testing this device for last two days on my Nexus 7, I can tell you three important things you must know about Android Privacy Firewall –

– Its super-stable during all types of usage. It simply does will not mess any of your activity, nor slow your device at all.

– Its protection is world-class & a constant notification is always available in case you want to change the mode for activities Banking, Family or Phone etc.

– And it seriously blocks extra communication ports being used, when they are not really required, which keeps you in a stealth mode all the time!

Android_Privacy_Firewall_4Antivirus Privacy Firewall makes your device truly personal, and protects apps and tools from accessing your private information by routing the web traffic through exclusive tunnels of the app. When you install this app, it runs in an administrator mode, and takes control of every communication from Android ecosystem to itself ensuring maximum security! So neither Android (Google) can watch your activities, nor any third-party app or tool.

Android_Privacy_Firewall_5With a free account sign up, you can always monitor your privacy through real-time usage meter, scan device, get mobile alerts for privacy, and limited support from the developers. You will also get a 30-day trial of their app blocking technology, which is premium feature after that. For merely $9.99 a year, you can get this privacy tech, customize app and port permissions, monitor some features through web portal, preset activity modes, and unlimited support.

The interface of this app is very neat and easy to understand. It has been optimized well for all screen sizes from smartphone to tablets, and works fluidly. Though chose your modes carefully, otherwise you might experience some hiccups. You should go through this video by developer before you start using your app –

You deserve your privacy no matter what device you are using, and Android Privacy Firewall avails you all at lowest possible price on Google Play Store. Even if you don’t want to buy it later on, its free version and trial is highly recommended from us!

Cost: Free

Download Antivirus Privacy Firewall