Xbox Set-Top Box: The Next Microsoft Device To Be In Your Living Room

If the sources are to be believed that soon we will see Microsoft invading with its Xbox Set Top Box in your living room. As of now we have seen the Set Top Box for television and now it could be in the gaming world. Dubbed as Xbox TV, this amazing device would serve you extreme gaming along with watching TV.  ‘

Xbox Set-Top Box
Xbox Set-Top Box

It’s a rumour but as we have see that Microsoft has managed to come with the reality on almost all the rumours, this time also it could be true that Xbox TV could be the new device in your living room center. We have already experience the surprise of Kinect and Xbox TV could also be a big surprise if happened.

As per the recent developments, this set top box will be cheaper and would be an amazing alternative for those who are not into hardcore gaming but to have the gaming devices like Xbox 360.



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