What is New in Windows 10 for App Developers

Evidence that the upcoming Windows 10 is going to be revolutionary lies in the fact that Microsoft decided to completely skip the number nine in the name, which would seem logical, seeing as how it follows the current-gen Windows 8(.1). In fact, they are so sure of its success that they have made the upgrade from the Windows 7/8.1 platforms completely free during the first year from the upcoming July 29th Windows 10 release. But what is really so special about this new platform?

windows-10-developersIn addition to the brand new makeup the new Windows will choose to wear for the red carpet of this year’s PC releases, the core advantages come in many forms, important for app developers:

  • Increased Accessibility – Device synchronization is doing nothing if not growing in popularity these days, and the boys at Microsoft have no intention on pacing behind their peers any longer. Much like Apple’s iPhone, iPod, iPad and Macintosh simple sync option, Windows has relatively recently their own golden goose in terms of the functional Lumia phone, which is expecting its own version of Windows 10 OS, for quick and seamless synchronization perks.
  • Cross-platform support – Now this truly is heaven for the app developer. With the help of the mentionedLumia series Windows phones (a property of Microsoft, as of recent), that are practical, efficient, quick and quite simple to master, Microsoft has made their statement: “We mean business!”. A career choice growing in popularity, the IT sector in a broad sense has experienced a boom (and this is an understatement) over the course of the last couple of years.Still in its upswing, the number of IT experts do require a stabile home to their expertise, which the new Windows just might turn out to be. With rumors of its already vast cross-platform support perhaps even reaching their sworn enemies that are the Android apps, it might be the case that Microsoft has succeeded in making an unstoppable machine that will stay at the very top for quite some time.

    For many people who are looking to become developers, Windows 10 is the promised land, seeing as how these days might see the end to multiple-platform coding. The Extensible Application Markup Language (XAML) provides the user (developer) with defining tailored views that share the same code file. Welcome to the age of total sync!

  • StateTriggers – This feature enables the user to set properties based on window size or on a custom trigger. Now, while some might say that this is a purely visual improvement, every coder knows the importance of visual organization.
  • Setters – Define property changes using syntax, instead of using Storyboard to create animations, in order to apply property changes like orientation, for example.
  • MSDN – Fond of Silverlight-based apps? The new Windows brings you a new MSDN section dedicated to guiding you through the process of supplying these to WinRT universal apps.

These are just some of the improvements that Microsoft has chosen to share with the world prior to the upcoming release. They have promised plenty more perks and tweaks that Windows 10 will introduce as a part of the new OS. So in addition to the long-awaited return of the famous start pop-up, the complete re-haul of the infamous Internet Explorer (now christened Edge) and many other improvements in terms of speed, accessibility and ease of access, the new Windows will come packed with a bunch of new stuff, lucrative to even the most skeptic of the app developers.



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