[Solved] Lumia / Windows Phone ‘Get Media Content Message’ Error!

Windows Phone users of devices like HTC 8S, 8X, Nokia Lumia 520, 620, 630, 1020… etc, have this simple little issue to get the media content.

When some one sends a media message like contact details, image or advanced MMS, they get a message telling Get Media Content (1KB or some other size.)

But when user clicks on it, nothing happens, nothing is downloaded and message just stays as it is.

This error is common for all Windows Phones of all manufacturers no matter its HTC, Micromax or Nokia Lumia.

HTC 8S Update ReleasedHow To Solve ‘Get Media Content’ Issue on Windows Phone 8/8.1 OS

The problem here is simple, the media content only loads on cellular data connection not on Wi Fi. As most of the users are on Wi Fi connection by default, the message remains unloaded.

Step 1

Go To Settings > WiFi

If the network is On, Turn it OFF.

Step 2

Once Again Settings > Airplane Mode.

Turn The Airplane Mode ON.

Step 3

Keep the airplane mode on for a 1 minute, then Turn it OFF.

Step 4

Settings > Cellular or Mobile/GSM > Data Connection > Turn ON

Try reloading your message by clicking Get Media Content Message, and You will get your message instantly. In case it does not work, keep the data connection On and restart your Windows Phone.

I hope you have solved your issue using this quick tutorial for Lumia & Windows Phone Devices, for more such tutorials, reviews & tricks Join us on Facebook.


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15 Responses

  1. I did all these steps and it doesn’t help. Also went through all the steps on the Virgin Mobile support page, no results.

  2. I did all this on my Nokia Lumia 832 and I’m still having troubles with StraightTalk network. Tried following all their APN details from their website for “Other Nokia Devices” (they don’t have a specific setting for Lumia 832’s). It’s odd because about 2 months ago MMS pictures were working and now they’re not! Help!!!

  3. Thanks. But it didn’t work. I HATE my win phone with an absolute passion. Cannot wait til my contracts up. 4 months an counting!!

    This is just another tiny issue to add to the huge growing list of issues. Tiny maybe, but when all these ‘tiny’ things add you just want to launch the phone at the nearest wall. Seriously its like they released these Windows phones half baked.
    What were Nokia thinking?!?

    Anyway … 4 months and counting!!!… woooHoooo!

  4. Did not work. This Nokia 520 and Windows Operating System is one helluva paperweight. Who gets paid to produce this crapola ?

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