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Siter Windows Phone App Review: Domain Dialing App For Windows Phone!

Sounds little different compared to ways we communicate today, but yes you can now dial a domain or email ID from your Windows Phone, to get in touch with respective company. The app is named as – Siter: Domain Dialer!



Siter Domain Dialer App Review

Windows Phone marketplace is enriching with new and creative apps and games everyday, and Siter: Domain Dialer is great way to get in touch with website owners and customer care. Not just for users but site owners can also avail this Free service to all their customers, which will save their time in saving and upgrading phone numbers.

The app basically will let you search for domain name and will return nearby service phone numbers of that website. You can select one of them, and dial a call directly. The numbers are virtually eliminated from the whole communication, which is great new technology you can own on your smartphone.

Site owners must register their site at, where they can connect any of their phone number to their domain name. Everything related to ‘Siter: Domain Dialer’ is free and regular call charges are applicable by phone operator when customers dial the domain.  Also a small ladybug icon can be placed on the site, to showcase the domain dialing option available for all the customers.Siter-Windows-Phone-App

The user interface for app is aesthetically pleasing & very simple to understand. The UI responds fluidly and looks great across all the screen sizes available today.

This free application is already available on all other major platforms like Android, Blackberry & iOS. Being a free app, Siter is well worth downloading for those who constantly get in touch with web owners. As of now many sites out there have already adopted this calling facility but we can find it widespread everywhere in near future.

Cost: Free

Ratings: 5/5

Download Siter Domain Dialer