Microsoft Surface RT Vs. Apple iPad: Which One IS Better?

Now as the price of Microsoft Surface RT is out, reviewers and tech experts have got a new topic to discuss on. Microsoft Surface RT or Apple New iPad which one is better and what makes them different from Android based tablets. We also have come up with our views on this, but in a quite crisp.


Microsoft Surface RT is no doubt an exceptional tablet with Windows 8 RT and the price of it is also same as of the Apple New iPad. Microsoft has offered the Surface RT 16 GB at USD 499 without touch cover which is same as of the 16 GB New iPad, however the cost of Surface RT with touch cover will rose to USD 599 which means, Apple New iPad with 16 Gb is better in this case where you get everything is just USD 499.

Surface RT Vs. Apple iPad
Surface RT Vs. Apple iPad

User Interface

Well the comparison is not only of the price, Windows Surface RT comes with tile based UI which is no doubt have high user experience but not many of us are use to tile like interface. Compared to this, Apple New iPad which runs on iOS6 is quite easy to use and has simple iconic interface.

Lets have a technological overview of both tablets:

iPad Surface RT
OS iOS 6 Windows RT
Display 9.7-inch which offers resolution of 2,048 x 1,536 pixels 10.6-inch with  1,366 x 760 pixel resolution
Camera 5MP Rear & VGA front-facing camera 720p HD rear- in both front & rear
Processor Dual-core A5X Nvidia T30 processor
Expansion Memory No Yes
Connectivity Features Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth 4.0
Colors Black & white Black


Windows Surface RT has a inch bigger display but which is not enough as it lack in terms of resolution, other than this, iOS 6 seems to be better as compared to tile interface of Windows RT. Looking at all this, in the path to success there are hurdles of Apple which Microsoft have to jump in order to compete New iPad Charisma and also the big market of Android.



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